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SPS keeping


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I don't seem to be able to keep sps in my mature tank previously. I hope to start an sps dominant 3ft reef tank. My tank is a Redsea reefer 250 with 2 sets led 90 and chiller.

Any bros can advise the important things I need to take care of for a successful sps tank.


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Quick answers.

Strong random flow
Stable parameters, temperature, salinity, kh, ph etc
Generally low nutrients, lower kh for colouration, higher kh for growth.
Higher par for lighting.
Chiller definitely a must

Then it’s alot of talk about good scape, placement

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it is not as difficult as before to start a successful sps tank with all the gadget and supplement nowsaday. 

plan a nutrient export method i.e; carbon dosing, algae reactor, refugium ect.. consider either a dosing pump to supplement the big three (CA,MG,KH) or running a calcium reactor , as SPS take up these elements quite fast. 


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