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Wts fishes and corals

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Orange misbar clownfish(4cm): $90

Black misbar clownfish(4cm): $90

Hybrid Yellow Tang (Lsize) : $250

Gold Rim Crocea Clam: $90

Tricolor Cynarina: $90

Pulsing Xenia Colony: $30

Pulsing xenia Frag: $10

Agave Zoas: $20

Fruit loops zoas (20pp)- $40

Galaxea: $20

John Deere Lep: $30

Pm or telegram me @caulifloweric for pics and deal. Collection at kembangan

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Left and price reduce:

Orange and black misbar- $80 each

Hybrid yellow tang- $250

gold rim crocea clam- $90

Cynarina- $90

Rbta- $10

Galaxea- $15

John deere lep- $30

Fruit loops- $40

Pulsing Xenia large branches- $10

Small branches- $5

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Orange and black misbar clownfish: $80each

Hybrid yellow scopas tang: $250

Melanurus Wrasse: $10

Tricolor Cynarina: $80

Rbta: $10

John Deere lep: $30

Fruit Loops zoas: $30

Pulsing Xenia small branches: $5



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