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Fully Decom (Set)

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- 48inches x 24inches x 20inches tank with sump and side control panel

- ATI Light fixture (10 tubes)

- 2 x Orphek (120 Blue Plus)

- E series CM202 with Geo media

- Gyre XF 350 dual pump

- Maxspect ICV6 (Wifi for XF350)

- Flipper Glass Cleaner x 2

- Jebao Wavemaker OW-40 x 2

- Vortech M2 (Mobius compatible)

- Vortech L1

- Versa pump

- 2 TLF reactor (New model, Old model)

- Apex Auto Top-up Kit (ATK)

- 2016 Apex Controller (2 Ph probe, 1 temperature, 1 Conductivity probe.

- Deltec UV Steriliser (39Watts)

- 2 China Refugium lights

- Self Build in ATS

- Skimz ZAR 127 DC Zeolite Auto Reactor

- Compressor 1hp Daikin with Drop in coil

- Nyos Skimmer 220

- 1 TM Salt unopened


Selling all at $5.5k/-


Total worth more than $10k.

Selling all as a set so please don’t text me for separate sales.

I’m not in a rush to sell off all so please don’t low ball.

Arrange your own delivery.

All equipment are working and my tank is running.


Collection @ woodlands


Interested pm or whatsapp 96ninenine22five0













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