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Super sale on 7ft tank Livestock and Equipment

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We will sadly have to decom our tank due to arrival of our newborns Hope to find a buyer to take over the whole set. Super deal on this 7 ft Tank set (deal only applicable if taking entire set). Tank maker is supreme and we try to put in the best equipment for this system. System monitored on Apex. Livestock and Equipment list as follows:
1 black tang
1 yellow tang
2 romboid wrasses (male and female)
4 flame angels (in a harlem. 1 male 3 females...very peaceful)
2 coralsea anthias
6 cranberyl anthias
4 blue eye anthias
1 sandsifting goby
1 yellow watchman goby
1. wyoming clown
1. common clown
sps- SSC, solar flare, pearlberry, pikachu, blue stag, bali slimer etc...
lps- master grade rainbow trachy, green trachy, bubble, superman gonio, pink gonio, red gonio, superman scoly, master scoly
soft- zoa tree with 30+GMK polyps, beauty and beast and etc...
4 hydra64 lights with hanging kit
1 artica chiller 1/3hp
1 aqua uv sterilizer
3 ecotech M2 pumps
4 AI Nero5 powerhead
Nyos Torq 2.0 with dock
1 clarisea sk5000 3rd Gen
1 nyos quantum 220
aquaize 5 stage RODI
1 apex EL controller
1 neptune auto top off
2 neptune Doser
1 apex trident
Asking $5000 obo. WA 87495297 for more details. Video and viewing available upon request Screenshot_20220523-113745__01.thumb.jpg.02852bd0d9f89be20e32d706eeba92af.jpgIMG_20220523_101744.thumb.jpg.627801c655bc63b639d624b3cca9feb5.jpgIMG_20220523_101811.thumb.jpg.8058789a056dcfefb224d4cba521c809.jpgIMG_20220523_102043.thumb.jpg.c15985f4ccd771375ec3ba90139d6868.jpgIMG_20220523_101822.thumb.jpg.9dff5a7d3074eba96aca36f5581ca44e.jpgIMG_20220523_101828.thumb.jpg.375608e56cee8850ce68efba40b588c5.jpg
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