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3ft fish tank with sump brought second hand


Arrange own transport


Ecotech marine vectra M1

With one spare pump




Radion G5 pro XR 15

2 set with diffuser and mount kit



Auto doser 4 channel




Deltec protein skimmer 1000IX



Hailea chiller



No brand reactor



Hanna NO3 HR


Hanna PO4


Hanna KH


Hanna Salinity checker



Refugium light $30


5 stage RODI






All Coral $700

Sps Bundle

Radio birdnest

Red mili



forest fire digi

Blue digi


Gold hammer many head

Pink hammer many head

Green hammer many head

Gonio (green very big)

Gonio (pink huge)

Bicolor Lobo

Sakura Zoa many polyps (50+)



Fish take all $650


Yellow tang (Hawaii)

Flame angel

Blue tang

Six line wrasse

Yellow wrasse

Designer clown fish

Algae blenny

Blue eye anthias

Bird wrasse

Take all free All CUC





Fish tank still running

No rush to sell

Decomm due to work commitment and no time to take care


Priority give to person who take the whole set including all livestock at $3.8k











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