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A lot of questions to be answered.....


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i have some questions for starting a marine fish tank..

1) I'm thinking of buying a two feet tank for my room, which type is better? the plastic or the glass one?

2) Wat is bacteria culture? If it is necessary where can i go about obtaining it?

3) Is it advisable to use salt water readily available in any aquarium shop when setting up the tank?

4) If the water Ammonia level is too high, what are the ways to eliminate it?

5) What type of filter, light and other things that is needed before I could start building up my salt water aquarium?



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like you i'm a newbie at this. I suggest you go read up from the many websites out there rather than asking many questions. The answers to your questions will be long and complex, and you won't really understand some of them until you've got a bit more background into marine fishkeeping. Try this from Iola's post earlier:


I found this basic site which I don't think anyone's put up yet..so here it is:



Also, there is a whole section in SRC for those who are newbies, do go take a look and read up...


Be teachable always, nobody has a monopoly on wisdom. But learn to distinguish "fact" from "opinion".

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