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Easy Montis, Zoas and Softies $5-$25


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Clearing all the corals pictured below:


Mushrooms going for $10 for the darker red ones w blue spots, also have a rock full of smaller polyps of them for $30. $15 for the bright red ones, at least 2 inches across when fully expanded. Take all above for $60. 


Vamp Slayers $20 image.jpeg.da092bee7627885acc55a13fe7d72e3f.jpeg

Red Hornets $20


Tyree Rasta: $25 for the left piece, $20 for the right piece. Also have a 2 polyp frag for $15


Tequila Sunrise: $15 

Take all 4 kinds of zoas for $65



Orange Setosa $10

Lime Green Monti Cap $10, also have a larger piece for $20 if anyone is interested


Red/Pink Monti Palawanensis (not too sure the ID) $5-15 depending on size


Will throw in FOC FF or blue digitata corals w any purchase upon request

Deal at boonlay/clementi/tiongbahru

tele mlyj21 for faster response

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