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  1. Wts tomini tang

    Revised: $50
  2. Wts tomini tang

    From cebu, more shapely and coloration. Pellet feeding, appx 5 inches Selling at $60 text82281184. Collection at kembangan
  3. Wts 2 tangs

    Both pellet feeding and algae grazers. With me for more than 3 years. Selling to reduce load. yellow scopas tang(not yellow tang) appx 4 inches @$200 True dussumierri tang appx 8inches @$800 whatsapp 82281184 for photos. Collection kembangan mrt.
  4. Wts clown tang and bariene tang

    Up for bariene clown tang reserved
  5. Pellet feeding, with me for >2 years. Kept from 50cents coin. Now each at appx 3.5inches. Clown tang is from srilanka with better coloration. Each at $60. whatsapp82281184 for photo/video. collection kembangan mrt
  6. Wts fishes

    Only left: Clown Tang (Sri Lanka): $60 Bariene Tang: $60
  7. Wts bellus angel male

    Revised: $60
  8. Wts yellow belly regal

    Revised: $150
  9. Wts fishes

    Revised: Clown Tang: $60 Bariene Tang: $60 Bellus angel: $60 Regal: $150