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  1. Beautiful bro! Love your hammer and torch collection.
  2. I don't know about Gex HOF. But I did come across in one of the foreign forums that it vibrates and is noisy. Some of the HOFs that I used before were also noisy. I bought a EHEIM Liberty 2042020 a few years ago. It still works fine and is silent.
  3. Glue thin rubber sheet or studs (Hardware store or DIY section) onto the hang-on filter at points where it rest on the tank glass. This will dampen the vibration.
  4. Your SPS do look great. Nice colors! Do you know the scientific name of the small lime with purple/blue tip acro colony in your photo 9?
  5. Not all algae are phytoplankton. But all phytoplanton are considered algae. I know that diatoms, cyanobacteria and dinoflagellates are also categorized as phytplankton. I don't know whether the film algae on the glass are too. However, I stopped dosing after discovering more than the usual algae growth on the glass. IMO, you don't have to dose unless you have phytoplankton dependents in your tank. Fish poop and coral food are usually enough. Nevertheless, I suggest you research further. There are abundant information on the NET about it to either enlighten or confuse you.
  6. Thank you for the response. Now I know what not to do if I faced similar issue with my T5 and Led hybrid setup. Once again, sorry for your losses.
  7. Nice! The no brand small chiller, is it good?
  8. Sorry for your losses. I am using T5 too. You got me worried. Could you be more specific about your T5 breakdown? Thanks
  9. I went through this before. Some Copperband will feast upon the aiptasia immediately. Some only after a week or two. There are those that do not. Peppermint shrimp will also do the work. Place LR without corals in a tub with salt water and away from light. Without light, the aiptasia will die out along with some organisms on the rocks. You have to keep changing water because it will smell bad. Then cycle the rocks with new salt water for weeks or better months. As for the rest in your tank, let the copperband and peppermint shrimps do the job. You have to be patience.
  10. Good going, man! Like your SPS collection.
  11. Sorry about that. But taking it out was the best thing to do.
  12. You must be doing something right. Congrats!
  13. No harm trying. Best to place it in a separate/quarantine tank. Even if it recovers, it may shed death tissues during the process. Some of your fishes and cleaning crew may consumed them. But still it may spike your parameters. In my case, I waited too long. You know, wishful thinking.
  14. Do not know much about anemone. But I had one some years back. Behaved similarly. Tissues deteriorated slowly. A week or so later, it died. Had to do a large water change. Not sure the same happening to yours .
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