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Weekly LFS Shipment Update 16th Dec to 22nd Dec

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Bali Aquarich (100% Aquacultured) new arrivals available tomorrow morning onwards:

Longfin Batfish

Maze Angelfish

Scribbled Angelfish

Majestic Angelfish

Common Ocellaris

Misbar Ocellaris

Platinum Ocellaris

Black Ocellaris

Midnight Clownfish

Gold nugget maroon

Lightning maroon

Picasso A1 Grade

Black Helmet Picasso

Black Picasso A1 Grade

Extreme Snow Onyx

Snow Onyx


Black Ice 

Black Frostbite

Nebula clown

Storm clown

Platinum Storm


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New shipment

Many M to L size achilles tangs, white tail bristletooth tang (uncommon), flame hawks.



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Triple shipment arrival tomorrow (should be available after noon).

Red Sea: Purple Tangs, Sohal Tangs, Golden Butterflyfish, Red Sea 2banded Clownfish (Amphirion bicinctus).

Sri Lanka: Regal angel, Pakistani butterfly, Gardineri butterfly, meyeri butterfly, megaport butterfly, chevron butterfly, 8 stripe butterfly, yellow head butterfly, zoster pyramid butterfly, leaf fish yellow, midas blenny, orange spotted blenny, tiger goby, exquisite purple firegoby, aurora goby, Dracula goby, bimaculatus anthias, parvirostris anthias, miniatus grouper, soapy grouper, clown grouper, saddleback grouper, ocellated longfin, powder blue tangs, clown tangs, convict tangs, yellow eye surgeon, mustard tangs, assorted naso tangs, torpedo ray, pilot fish, assasi trigger, anampses lineatus, cyanoguttaus leopard wrasse, blue star leopard wrasse, cleaner wrasse, halichoeres trispilus, cleaner shrimps, blood/fire shrimps, red and pink fromia sea stars.

Australia: Chromis nitida, Starcki Damsels, flavicauda anthias (rare), pictilis anthias, Pseudanthias ventralis australis, Plectranthias longimanus, Colini angel, Scribbled angel, reticulated butterflyfish, 5 stripe hogfish (rare), Laboutei wrasse (Xmas offer), Lineatus wrasse (Xmas offer), Scott's fairy wrasse (Xmas offer), Ecsenius tigris (very hard to come by), Yellow Assessor, Sailfin dottyback

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