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  1. Cebu shipment just arrived. Many acropora crabs, abalones, urchins, strombus, oddballs, fish, etc. Also new LPS and soft coral shipment.
  2. Exciting Stocks !!! Corythoichthys intestinalis Pseudanthias tuka Chromis viridis Chrysiptera springeri Centropyge bispinosus Genicanthus lamarck Pygoplites diacanthus juvenile/S-M Cirrhilabrus lubbocki Halichoeres biocellatos Halichoeres chloropterus Halichoeres chrysus Halichoeres melanurus Labroides dimidiatus
  3. Fresh Coral Shipment available after 2pm on 24/10/2020 Acropora species: Cytherea, Divaricata, Hoeksemai, Efflorescens (pink edge green polyp), Latistella, Sunset Millepora, Microclados Red and Fluorescent Green, Red Microclados, BLUE MILLEPORA, Red and yellow tip Millepora, Red Mandarin Tenuis, Blue Tenuis, Red/yellow blue tip tenuis, Green with blue tip tenuis, Walt Disney Grade A and Grade B Tenuis, Homewrecker Tenuis, Purple/Pink Millepora, Blue Tips/Yellow Tentacles/Red Branches Tenuis, Yellow Base with pink and blue tips and yellow tentacles Tenuis Torch: Green
  4. Maldives shipment Liopropoma latifasciatum Mustard tang Pink bar aurora shrimp goby Orange spotted blenny Bodianus opercularis Centropyge multispinis Polleni grouper Mitratus butterfly (small) Yellow head butterflyfish Exquisite wrasse Rosy scale wrasse Lineatus blenny Midas blenny Blue/Yellow grouper (pre-ordered NFS) Pink pattern starfish Red starfish Halichoeres leucoxanthus Halichoeres trispilus Gray/Dusky tilefish Splendid leopard wrasse Exquisite purple firegoby Charlenae anth
  5. Indonesia fish arrival: Powder blue tang (s) Maculiceps tang White cheek tang Orange shoulder tang (s) Blue tang (m) Blonde naso (s) Blone naso (m) Scopas tang Mimic half black tang Blue face angel XXL Majestic angel Bicolor angel Yellow belly regal ML Black velvet angel Flagfin angel (L) Koran juvenile Green chromis Ocellaris clown Maroon clown pair White bonnet clownfish Solorensis boxfish Pajama cardinal Banggai cardinal Algae blenny Cleaner wrasse Green wrasse
  6. Triple shipment week Indonesia: Blue face angel (L) Blue devil damsel Blue tang (M) Black beauty snapper Bodianus izuensis (uncommon) Majestic angel Square anthias female Multi-line basslet Multi-line basslet (yellow form) Terelabrus dewapyle Cirrhilabrus Flavidorsalis Cirrhilabrus pylei alpha males Foxface Ocellaris clown Banggai Orangeback wrasse Princess anrhias Spotted multibar aberrant (sold) Sri Lanka: Emperor Angel XL Emperor Angel L Koran Angel L Zoster but
  7. RVS Philippines Emperor angel adult Cooperi anthias Squamipinnis anthias Square anthias Randall anthias Pyramid butterflyfish Powder Brown Tang Racoon butterflyfish Large Green chromis Ocellaris clownfish Yellow tail damselfish Hector goby Bella goby Randall assessor Yellow belly dogface puffer Two line / monocle bream Highfin snapper Blue Tang (s) Clown tang Sailfin tang Philippine yellow tang Tomini tang Clown trigger Red tooth trigger Red-lined aka biocellated wrasse
  8. Philippine and Indonesia fish arrivals. Six bar angel adult Japanese swallow tail Squamipinnis anthias Sunburst anthias Randall anthias Yellow longnose butterfly Ruby red dragonet Pink skunk clown Rhino leatherjacket Purple firegoby Orange diamond goby Hector goby Bella sandshifting goby Marine betta Highfin snapper Naso vlamingii juveniles Powder brown tang Sailfin tang (s) Shoulder tang juveniles Philippine yellow tang juveniles Tomini tang (ML) Blue line trigger (small) Blue t
  9. Saturday morning shipment (pricing only will be set tmrw): Feminus wrasse Conspiculatus angel Coral Sea Watanabei Angelfish pairs Emperor Angel Pyramid butterfly Pictilis anthias Starkii damsel Dussumieri Tang Golden hogfish (Bodianus perditio) Lineatus fairy wrasse Hooded wrasse Kuiter leopard wrasse
  10. So much more! Drop by and check us out! These creatures are amazing
  11. Cool Crayfish available at Iwarna! **Cherax Bluemoon (snakeskin) ** **Cherax Bluemoon (DarksKin)** **Cherax Pulcher ** **Cherax Hothuisi Apricot** **cherax Snowden (AKA Orange Tip)** **Cherax Peknyi (AKA Zebra) ** **Cherax Boesemani (Blown and green Color)** **Cherax Boesemani (Red Bricks)** **Boesemani (Tri colour red ) ** **Warsamsonicus ** **Snowden black Scorpions **
  12. Sri Lanka Australia Tomorrow morning: West Africa Stocks moving fast for updates check FB page Iwarna Aquafarm. For queries msg Tevin at 82636665.
  13. Copperband butterfly Magnificent foxface Ocellaris clown Misbar ocellaris clown Clarion angelfish captive bred Scribble angelfish captive bred Goldflake angelfish captive bred (2inch) Joculator angelfish captive bred Purple Tang captive bred Midnight lightning Ocellaris Black frostbite Ocellaris Black Ice Ocellaris Helmet picasso Percula Black Picasso Percula Frostbite Percula Platinum Dalmatian Ocellaris Platinum Ghost Ocellaris Lemonpeel x vroliki hybrid Black cap basslet Royal gramma Cave ba
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