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  1. Maldives shipment Liopropoma latifasciatum Mustard tang Pink bar aurora shrimp goby Orange spotted blenny Bodianus opercularis Centropyge multispinis Polleni grouper Mitratus butterfly (small) Yellow head butterflyfish Exquisite wrasse Rosy scale wrasse Lineatus blenny Midas blenny Blue/Yellow grouper (pre-ordered NFS) Pink pattern starfish Red starfish Halichoeres leucoxanthus Halichoeres trispilus Gray/Dusky tilefish Splendid leopard wrasse Exquisite purple firegoby Charlenae anth
  2. Indonesia fish arrival: Powder blue tang (s) Maculiceps tang White cheek tang Orange shoulder tang (s) Blue tang (m) Blonde naso (s) Blone naso (m) Scopas tang Mimic half black tang Blue face angel XXL Majestic angel Bicolor angel Yellow belly regal ML Black velvet angel Flagfin angel (L) Koran juvenile Green chromis Ocellaris clown Maroon clown pair White bonnet clownfish Solorensis boxfish Pajama cardinal Banggai cardinal Algae blenny Cleaner wrasse Green wrasse

    30/11/17 AUSTRALIA mix shipment:

    CORALS (SOFT): Green toadstool soft coral (S, M), Green branching tree coral (S, M)

    CORALS (HARD): Branching coral , Dendro coral (orchid, rockmelon), Galaxy/Starburst coral (S, M), Daisy coral (bloodshot, blue, green, purple), Pygmy cabbage coral (green, rose, scrolling), Flecked brain coral (red/orange), Lobed brain coral (A grade bicolor), Nudibranch coral (green folded, red)

    FISH: Epaulette shark, Starcks damsel, Scribbled angelfish, Rainfords butterfly, Purple-lined fairy wrasse, yellow assessor, oblique-lined dottyback



    Potter's wrasse, Red tail wrasse, Sailfin blenny, Kole tang, Flame wrasse, Achilles tang, Yellow tang

  4. Weekly shipment update 20th to 26 Nov

    21/11/17 Hong Kong fish shipment:

    Black tang, Achilles tang, Yellow tang, Bartletts Anthias, Flame angel, Multicolor angel, Goldflake angel, Griffis angel, Declevis butterfly, Gold domino damsel, Hawaiian cleaner wrasse, Helfrichi firefish


    24/11/17 Bali corals shipment:

    Acanthastrea Echinata Grade A (S, M), Acanthastrea Lordhowensis Grade A (S, M), Acropora tenuis Grade A (S), Chalice smooth (S, M, L), Wall hammer orange metallic (S, M), wall hammer green metallic (S, M, L), Crystal coral green metallic (M, L), Pagoda scroll yellow metallic (M), Thin birdnest (S, M)

  5. Yellow Head Escenius. Escenius axelrodi Red Variant \ Escenius axelrodi yellow variant.
  6. Hi, the measurements were from both packaging. Hope that helps....
  7. New batch of salt arrived! Cheers Victor from Iwarna
  8. Nice collectibles: Goldflake angels Ventralis anthias Declives Butterfly Jordani Flame wrasse (NICE!) Multicolor angels Rhomboid golden wrasse Girlded wrasse Helfrichi gobies Hybrid Lemon peel angels Archilles Tangs Favourites: Flame angels Lemon peel angels Pottery angels mystery wrasse Kole tangs yellow tangs red tail wrasse Grouping favourites: Bartlett anthias Nice additions Blue Stripe clown fish Useful Hawaiian cleaner wrasse
  9. I tried using DI water for the mix
  10. For SPS corals - pail type For other corals - box type with individual pkt packaging 3 x 6.7pkt inside the box
  11. For Salt Delivery, Please SMS (ONLY) to 92259393 (Victor) or 84684276 (Lilian) or 93649489 (Pandi) your salt of preference, address and preferred time of delivery- COD or cheque on delivery.
  12. For fish keepers, there's also something catered for you: Price per 6.7kg packet $17 Price per 20kg box (3 pkt) $45 FREE delivery for 3 boxes and above (6-9PM daily)
  13. For those keeping LPS and softies, blue treasure salt also comes in boxes @ a fantastic price! : Special Retail price $50 per 20kg (usual $58 per box) Free delivery for 3 boxes and above.
  14. An overseas friend of mine recommend this salt as he used it for his SPS tank. I did some testing for the SPS salt with DI water and am impressed with the parameters: At a 1.025 reading on the refractometer, the SPS salt mix produces (based on D&D test kits): 1. Nitrate/Phosphate 0 2. Calcium 580 3. Mg 1680 4. KH 9. Clear and Soluble Although some would argue that the range is too high for a full new tank water setup, it works perfect for me for a 10-20% water change for a SPS or LPS tank. 20kg pail at AMAZING price of just $60 per pail (usual $78) *FREE
  15. Tonga corals 31st Dec 930am exotic montiporas, acroporas, acan, green centre organ pipes, and many more!!!
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