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Weekly LFS Stock Reports


  1. Weekly LFS Stocks Report / LFS Info Centre

    Report on livestock qty/quality and items of interests seen after your LFS visit so you can save your fellow hobbyists from wasted time and effort. Or post info like address, maps & contact details of all good marine LFS/farms as well as directions/public transport info.

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  • Our picks

    • Just sharing a DIY external Chaeto + Algae Box to see if it benefits community...
      1. Mini pump adjustable to 300 Litre / hr.
      2. Tubing to Rain pipe.
      3. Clear acrylic panel roughen surface with attached net.
      4. Daiso box & lid L350xW200xH120
      5. Guided water fall using transparency sheet with floater.
      6. 5050 120 LED/m RGB light with wifi control unit. Enable time programming and color selection.
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      • 14 replies
    • Approx Head size : $100

      Clearing room for other coral 

      Care level: Easy

      Feeding: Not required , photosynthetic

      Light: M-H

      Flow: M-H
      • 4 replies
    • Selling 2 x Acan Echinata - $120 for both


      WYSIWYG - would need to point out the exposed skeleton at the bottom caused by shading but the sides are all encrusting as seen pic. 

      obligation free viewing can be arranged.

      PM if keen
      • 7 replies
    • L65CMXW45CMXH50CM 10mm extra thickness full crystal clear glass tank with sumptank and cabinet 

      Bubble magus C3 skimmer good working condition + return pump 

      All at $350 ( fixed price self collect only )

      All at one go no separate sale 


      • 13 replies
    • Photo taken with Orphek Orange Lens with no enhancement done to pictures. 

      $150 for both

      Oz lumi green toadstool (approx fist size)

      Purple photosynthetic gorgonian (approx 7 inch tall)
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