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Weekly LFS Shipment Update 10th Feb to 16th Feb

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Fish Week! Fish suitable for everyone from common to the exquisite.


New arrivals:

Philippines: sunburst anthias, tomini tangs, yellow chocolate tangs, red dragonets, fire gobies, purple firegobies, sailfin tangs, scopas tangs, assorted triggers, sally lightfoot crabs, baby octopus, green chromis, coral beauty, etc.


Giant hermit crab (Petrochirus diogenes)

Lettuce nudibranch 

Peppermint shrimp

Emerald crab

Red Serpent Star 

Premium Ricordea

Carribean Rock Flower Anemone (ultra grade) -

Arrow crab 

Scarlet Reef Hermit (Paguris cadenati) (eats bryopsis)

Assorted carribean photosynthetic gorgonians

Cherub angel

Black cap basslet

Chalk bass

Royal gramma (good sizes)

Sailfin blenny

Blue neon goby

Yellow head jawfish

Naked ocellaris

Premium gladiator ocellaris

Premium BLACK gladiator ocellaris

Wyoming white ocellaris

Orchid dottyback (FLASH SALE, while stocks last)

Berghia nudibranch (tentatively not for release due to high shipping mortality)

Conspiculatus angelfish (captive bred)

Blue phantom angelfish (captive bred, debut in Singapore) 


MOREEE Arriving after 12pm later (prices for these omly out after arrival, we will not respond to price enquiries prior).

Flame angel

Lemonpeel angel

Hybrid black tang

Chevron tang

Kole tang

Yellow tang

Goldflake Angel

Declives butterfly

Helfrich fire goby

Mystery wrasse

Crosshatch trigger pair

Bandit angel

Griffis angel

Multicolor angel

Bartlett anthias

Flame wrasse male

Flame wrasse female

KING FLAME WRASSE (pre-ordered)

Tinker butterflyfish

Longfin anthias (pre-ordered)

Xmas island emperor angel XL

Xmas emperor juvenile 

Super GOLDEN puffer

Red Cleaner wrasse


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