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Offering a great selection of livestock and high quality aquarium products, as well as providing the latest information on rearing and maintaining marine fish and corals.


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    • ✐ SG Biggest Zoanthid Collector is selling frags NOW!✐

      ❅ $15 per frag, buy 4 free 1 frag, but 8 free 2 frags and buy 12 FREE 3 FRAGS ❅


      ✈ Too many for me to take pics and list, should have most of what you want 

      ✈ Do NOT hesitate to give me a list of what you want, if I can do them for $15, ill give u at that rate above! 

      ✈ Premium zoas are NOT $15 a frag (don’t be ridiculous). 

      ✈ If you have a price in mind, also share with me, will work within your budget!

      ✈ Self-viewing/ collection of frags at my place 

      ✈ It is easier for you to let me know what youre looking for than asking me for a list (I have too many)

      ✈ Custom frag packages (i.e, beginner packages of 5 frags is also possible)

      ✈ Have more questions not addressed above? Contact me @9zerozero818zero9 or telegram me @ohmyxuan. 
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    • reduced to clear, $250 
    • All Coral $500
      Sps Bundle
      Radio birdnest
      Red mili
      forest fire digi
      Blue digi
      Gold hammer many head
      Pink hammer many head
      Green hammer many head
      Gonio (green very big)
      Gonio (pink huge)
      Bicolor Lobo
      Sakura Zoa many polyps 40+ head
      Many RBTA
      Hanna NO3 HR
      Hanna PO4
      Hanna KH
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    • Date : 3-4 th dec 2022

      Venue; Singapore Expo Hall 5A
      Bench in; 2th Dec 11am to 5 pm

      Bench Out; 04th Dec 7 pm onward


      Judging ; 03th Dec Around 9.30 am. Results will be shown after that.


      Prize presentation ; 03th Dec 2022 @ 3 PM


      Entry Fees; $80 each per participant, each participant will be provided with dry rock, sand, conditioned seawater, dry macro rock for aqua scaping, AI Prime led, lighting, filter media and pump.

      Tank size ; Water Box Cube 20 -  45 cm x 45 cm



      1st ; Trophy + Ecotech Radion XR30 G6 + Clarisea SK300 G2 roller fleece ( Worth $1948)
      2nd ; Trophy + Reef Factory Reef Fare Pro M led ( Worth $1069 )
      3rd ; Trophy + Ecotech MP40 QD Wave maker ( Worth $629)


      ENROL HERE == > https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdjlrRX21rXJKzoruHtLBIZJzOfzn_D6xcBoPc1aM7KjD7SbA/viewform 


      Any inquiry; please contact PM us


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    • 9.9 weekend with SRC x Specialised Aquatics Solutions! ( 09.09 ~ 13.09.2021)

      Find out more about Specialised Aquatics Solutions store tour and watch how we ask them on some fish care tricks! Like & Share this video on our Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/sgreefclubcom ) & get yourself a FREE SPS frag from them at their store on 19 Anamalai Ave.

      Chiong there now before those great pieces are taken up!

      ** More detail on our facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/sgreefclubcom )

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