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  1. JeffL

    FOC Clownfish

    Foc clownfish for self collection. 1inch size collect at Sengkang 545043, reach me at 9ome88995one
  2. Letting go Red Gonio colony. Self collect at Sengkang. $90 WA me at 9one88995one
  3. Left over untouched in packet. Swop for zoas or other corals you suggest I’m located at 545043
  4. Trying my luck here for Yellow Tang. Please pm me to discuss. Thanks!
  5. clearing space, open for trading with corals too
  6. Letting go my 1 day old HAILEA HK-150A CHILLER 1/10hp Perfect condition with box and accessories. Ran the chiller for 1 day but decided to get a bigger model instead. My lost your gain $330 to go, self collect at Sengkang postal code 545043
  7. Hi, I have a 20lbs CARIBSEA Arag-Alive Fiji Pink with 50-60% left in the pack unused. Sealed immediately for freshness. $20 only Please collect at Sengkang postal code 545043
  8. Hi. May I know your location? Thanks
  9. Hi guys, Selling the following to be collected only in Sengkang (Night) or Woodlands (Day) 1. Pinpoint Wireless Thermometer https://carousell.com/p/33247999/ 2. Water Top Up https://carousell.com/p/33248147/ 3. DYS DMT-10 Digital Handheld Marine Tester (Temp / Salinity / SG) https://carousell.com/p/33277870/ 4. Single channel Marine Magic Dosing Pump (Brand New) $60 I seldom come in online, please PM me or text me for those who has my number priority for those who buys more at one time.
  10. fast hands fast legs... item is currently being reserved
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