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  1. Hi guys, as stated. Pick up at S(090103). Please whatsapp me at 98486979 for video. Thanks. 1. Bubbles (Pink with tinge of Green) : $65 2. Green Hammer(7 - 9H) : $68 3. Purple Torch(13H small) : $80 side view Please text for Torch video. This Torch colony is very nice and full round.
  2. Hi Bro, pls whatsapp me for more info. Tha tank is rather nice and neat overall still. No rust nor obvious stains etc.
  3. Hi guys, as the header says, I'm decomming my 4 feet tank, if there is any one interested, please contact me for viewing. The condition is rather neat and clean. No rusty hinges and rather clean overall, as I had maintained it quite well. However, the front glass has scratches, so interested takers have to see if the scratches is ok for you or not, ok? By the way, my tank is running bean animal pipings so no splashing noise at the sump. It's a rather quiet tank. Only the skimmer and return pumps can be heard at late night. Tank had been used for 8.5yrs. Rimless and nice. More information will be given to interested party. Please contact me via whatsapp at 98486979 if you are keen. Location at S(090103). Thank you.
  4. Thanks for your interest. All items sold.
  5. Final decom sale. Pick up S(090103), whatsapp to 98486979. Thanks. 1. Purple Torch 2-3H @ $28 2. Green Hammer 3-4H @ $32 3. Aussie Duncans colony 16 - 18H @$45 4. Plates 2 for $20 5. Red Acans @ $35
  6. Hi guys, please whatsapp me @ 98486979, if your are interested. Pick up at S(090103). h Hammer is bigger than adult fist. Aussie Duncans colony x2 frags Both Acan and top coral, red illuminates in blue lights Purple Torch (text for video) Plates get 2 at $35
  7. Hi guys, pls whatsapp me if you are interested @ 98486979. Pick up at S(090103). If can pick up today and tomorrow, will be prioritised. Thank you.
  8. Hi guys, I have some corals to let go. You may text me so I can send you a video of it, if you would like. Interested party, please whatsapp me at 98486979. Pick up at S(090103). Thanks.
  9. Hi Guys, I have a beautiful Sun Coral to let go. Pick up at S(090103). Please whatsapp me at 98486979 if you are keen. Thank you.
  10. Mother's day special, 2 for $108
  11. Hi guys I have 2 show size gonio to let go. Pick up at S(090103). Above piece is dark green with lumi tips, the bottom one light green outer with pinkish center. Pls whatsapp me at 9848 6979, if you are keen. Thank you.
  12. Hi Guys, I would like to let go the below items. Interested pls whatsapp me at 9848 6979. Pick up at S()90103). FCFS. 1. Pink Bubbles(Adult Fist size) : $60 2. Frogspawn 4-5H(2 palm size) : $60 3. GSP : $18
  13. Hi, I have a frag Pink Gonio about +/- 40pp, to let go at $30/= Interested party, pls whatsapp me at 98486979. Pick up S(090103). Thanks .
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