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  1. If it doesn't move, it's probably some kind of sponge growth. Harmless. If it moves, it's probably some kind of flatworm. Probably harmless too.
  2. Excellent idea. But I do wonder if the stock light has enough PAR at all. Are there any specs on the output?
  3. Chaeto are plants. They need light. You can't stuff them inside the filter chamber and expect them to survive in the long term.
  4. Hey Hello , A warm Welcome to the forums. :)

  5. Hey Hello , A warm Welcome to the forums. :)

  6. Hey Hello , A warm Welcome to the forums. :)

  7. Hey Hello , A warm Welcome to the forums. :)

  8. Hey Hello , A warm Welcome to the forums. :)

  9. Hey Hello , A warm Welcome to the forums. :)

  10. Hey Hello , A warm Welcome to the forums. :)

  11. Hey Hello , A warm Welcome to the forums. :)

  12. Hey Hello wahwah, A warm Welcome to the forums. :)

  13. You can try the pantyhose trick... Put a piece of fish meat on a bunch of pantyhose, and sink it to the bottom at night... chances are... its legs may get caught in it and you can then scoop it out the next morning. Good luck!
  14. Researchers are building the environmental equivalent of the ASX200 as a means of monitoring the health of Australian marine ecosystems. View the full article
  15. Eutrophication of the seas may have an impact on genetic variation in algae, new research shows. View the full article
  16. Supervolcanoes and cosmic impacts get all the terrible glory for causing mass extinctions, but a new theory suggests lowly algae may be the killer behind the world's great species annihilations. View the full article
  17. Scientists have produced the first preliminary predictions of the potential impact of climate change on the Australian seabed. View the full article
  18. More science current events, Marine Protected Areas science news articles, research and discoveries from Brightsurf.com View the full article
  19. Researchers have identified the first fish known to have switched from ultraviolet vision to violet vision, or the ability to see blue light. The discovery is also the first example of an animal deleting a molecule to change its visual spectrum. The findings on scabbardfish link molecular evolution to functional changes and the possible environmental factors driving them. View the full article
  20. Various videographers document the amazing Great Barrier Reef. For more information about each video, visit the linked YouTube video. View the full article
  21. We are excited to announce that a fourth book has been added to our expanding library at Advanced Aquarist! View the full article
  22. Whether your plants even require any or little dosing is entirely up to you. There are plenty of setups of slow growing ferns and mosses that are perfectly balanced and grow at a rapid pace on their own. For the majority of planted tanks however, a little addition of carbon dioxide will go a long way towards making your plants grow more lush and beautiful. View the full article
  23. Although a tank with temperate marine macro algae as the primary focus may be unheard of in the aquarium hobby, all of the equipment required is readily available, and as you may have noticed, many of the techniques involved are strikingly similar to common reef-keeping techniques already being employed. View the full article
  24. Terry discusses his freshwater aquarium and MACNA XXI View the full article
  25. In a day of product hype and hyperbole, it is refreshing to find a product that delivers more than it promises. Our testing found that the MP10 maximum flow rate exceeded the manufacturer's claim, and all other advertising points were reasonable. View the full article
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