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  1. eh.....change water frm sump? they r link together rite. They work juz like a loop, water frm main tank overflow thru the overflow comparment into the sump and the return pump in the sump pumps water back into the main tank again.....so changin water frm either main tank or sump makes no diff rite? Anyway....answerin wat u asked....i use a hose and siphon water out frm my main tank instead coz of the height will give me more gravity pull hence more stronger siphonin effect as compared to the sump. Another reason being i can use the hose to siphon watever dirt after i finished scruppin the glass. After tat, i top up newly mix saltwater into the main tank and turn on the return pump and tunze. Me nvr touch the sump, no cleanin, scrubbin.....etc. Only thing i did to my sump is to change the cotton wool. Can't remember the purpose of iodide....if i m nt wrong, its to keep ur corals healthy...like an antiseptic macham lugol solution. brand is seachem. GP feedin is one pinch of 5-50nm and one pinch of 50-100nm. Feedin done 30mins after lights off. If u observe closely, u will c the polyps trappin them. As for whether ARM media contains iodide ornt.....i dun remember seeing the ARM container mentionin it do. In fact, i dun remember seein it mentionin replenishin of Mg as well......so if Mg is low....better replenish.
  2. Regardin water changes 25-30% water change once a mth. Usin juz tap water with anti chorine, anti this anti tat....bla bla + salt. Daily top up using "same as the above minus the salt" Change new wool once a wk. Do nt supplement trace element coz they r replenish durin water change. Do dose iodide once a wk. I nvr rescape my sps....only time i touch them is when i add in new colonies. I will look for "holes" then do abit of shuffin ard tat region for the new colony. The less u touch them the happier they r. Rowa change every 2mths Check parameters every mth. Lightin... bulb change every 10mth. MH is 8inch frm the highest sps. There r specimen tat require more lightin than another...so knwin wat u bought will help in ur arrangement of top mid and bottom. Feedin. Feed GPs every day. I do hav a refugium tat r seperated frm my sump (both r link by tubes, those who hav seen it will knw wat i meant ) where i kept macroalgae. They r under 150W 24/7. Trim occassionally when overgrown. The rest r pretty automatic.....CR, skimmer.....etc
  3. Lettin the followin fishin to let go. 3inch+ YT for $30. (1yr+) 4inch sohal for $40. (10mths) 4inch Majestic for $50. (with me for 6mths but before tat was with another reefer for abt 3mths) Interestee, pls pm me.
  4. can try left 20k, 6.5k , 20k, 6.5k right PUB will love u so much with the amt of wattage u gonna use
  5. QT is a good time to get it feedin. I would nvr release it into main tank unless it has started feedin on either seaweed, pellets or mysis/bs. Anyway...goodluck, hope ur AT starts feedin soon and make it tis time.
  6. yup....tats my old setup config. If can...will probably squeeze in 3 again for my new tank.
  7. Give the choice, i would still stick to 6.5k in the middle and 20k on both side.
  8. well....look like u r nt as lucky as the "tangs god" who successfully kept so many tangs w/o ich and leavin healthy together morever his tangs glazed together somemore
  9. oh really, intro butterflies, MI then AT then bla bla bla huh? paiseh huh...me still new to marine u c, juz started keepin tangs 2 wks ago ....so may i ask.....frm whose observation u derive the abv equation frm? So we intro butterflies frm the Chaetodontidae family then follow by MI which is the only member of the zanclidae family and a very close relative of the tang/surgeon and then we intro the AT which is frm the Acanthuridae family. Followin tat....u mentioned intro members of the Acanthuridae family again. So isn't AT member of the Acanthuridae family as well? and wun the AT harrass the other new tangs tat is goin to be added after the AT? btw...my AT is the resident tang follow by other LS.
  10. wow...u gt special intro technique? me newbie u c ....so do let us in on ur secret method of introducin fish so tat we can learn. R there technique 123...e.g special intro technique 1 for tangs only, special intro technique 2 for angels only, special intro technique 3 for butterflies only.....etc btw, u mentioned "they dun really fight" meanin: 1. they dun fight at all. 2. they fight occassionally or ???? And size does matter??? meanin smaller size wun bully bigger size fish?
  11. Nope....mine is a 3.5ft by 2.5ft by 2.5ft tank. Nt tang craze like u. Only restrict myself to 3 tangs at the moment. The rest has either been adopted, sold or in my holdin tank waitin to be sold.
  12. Return pump sale?? I would reckon u to use tat another K and spend it on a much bigger tank for the welfare if ur tangs..Water quality can be maintained thru the use of good equipments but they need lots of swimmin space to stay healthy which ur 4ft cn nvr provide for tat amt of tangs. Ultimately, its ur tank and its ur choice. We can only advise
  13. Its even more cruel to squeeze so many tangs in ur newly setup tank.
  14. Its common coz ur brown tang is the resident tang in ur system. Once PT acclimatize to the surrounding. It may be the other way round. Juz take note tat ich is the nxt visitin "fren" coz ur tangs r subjected to stress nw. U can mirror method to distract ur brown tang .
  15. I still like the combination of 20k with 6.5k. The best of both world.
  16. Remembered my 70% causalties rate yrs bk and its only a tank to tank migration. Ct imagine when its a house to house migration. So when movin, u r subject to lots of cons. 1. high sps death rate (mostly stn). 2. Lots of bag to pack individual colony = lots of items to move. 3. Hassle of moving them especially LRs, equip...etc. 4. Nd very good time management betw settin up new tank and decom old tank. 5. Too much handlin will stress ur sps as u nd to take up at least half a dae to arrange them in ur new tank. Those bag_up sps will be subjected to room temp fluctuation (so air con must b operational). 6. And dun forget.....u r movin hse nt tank only so u need time to plan ur new hm, move furniture, household items....bla bla. Tats y i cleared mine coz the idea of transferin my LRs and fishes oreadi....
  17. upz... btw....only sohal available
  18. wow.....since u mentioned a clam oreadi cost u a arm and leg. Then the agri must hav cost u the other set. So.... hybrid lemon peel must hav cost u the rest of ur body parts. Wats left bro.
  19. well....most of u guys experienced fight betw resident tang and newly intro tang> tats common coz everybody knws tat oldies will be aggressive to newbies. But as for my case, whack MI, angels, butterflies (they r not tangs ). There is a sayin tat if u feed ur dog raw bloody meat will make them very fierce....hmm..... wonder wat did DB feed his PBT last time
  20. My AT and PBT whack MI, butterflies, angels...etc. Wat do u guys think.....any bro or sis out there experiencein aggressive tangs tat r nt only hostile to its own kind but other species as well.
  21. bro...think u forget to list the color temp of the blv blub.
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