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  1. Wow value def had went up north. Black tang...always refers to as "full black tang". Dun think reefers will refer it as AT etc. Not black scopas or even a hybrid Black X Scopas.
  2. Had a super long break surfing SRC :-) Any kind reefer and especially the old timers here...care to give an update on the latest market rates for a Black Tang, size abt 2-3".
  3. Eh Gouldian > What rubbish... the best place to put the "Pratas" is in our stomachs lah!!! LOL
  4. ReefFish > I'm currently only using up to 75% max for both channels to simulate photo period of 12noon to 2pm. Beyond that it'll start to go into the late afternoon to evening configuration. From what I see on the controller housing design of this Razor series, I don't think it does good to the electronics within the controller should the system be always driving at 100% output. As of now at 75%, I already can feel the heat (by hand touching) from the controller housing being rather "hot to the touch". Am thinking of getting a small cooling fan to cool it as the housing heat-fins seems insufficient for a quick heat disspation.
  5. Do bear in mind whether using a common sump tank anot, do factor in the total amount of water volume from both main and frag tanks in the event of a power failure where water back-flows into the sump. Don't think you will enjoy the cleaning up should the sump over-flows!
  6. A few experts u can approach in the LFS market r Henry from Marine Life, Victor from Iwarna, Kelvin from Fish Channel, Sam or Peter from SeaLife... juz to name a few ya. If from forums, the other 2 reefers who posted here r also "experts" in their field. Also to seek r those who had been doing "home based" breeding of certain marine fishes. These r the experts with vast experiences.
  7. Hi Boon Teck > what kind of "advise" are u looking for? From the "real experts" it won't be free but from the "free experts" it might not be acceptable or pleasant to what u going to hear. So be prepared when seeking advise n opinions in this hobby. Many of the reasonable advise will be based on personal opinions n individual experiences which does varies. It's more of like "recommendations n good husbandry skills" n not so much of "regulations or rules etc".
  8. Well all those areas that I'be mentioned thus far does not permit easy collection of wild corals n LS as they r either within protected area or private estates. Which in a way is good cuz indirectly these will allow wild corals n LS to flourish!
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