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  1. Go to coral fanatics, they just came in shipment and selling at good price.
  2. For salt, any particular brand that you are looking? I have skimz salt if you are keen. Ty
  3. Maybe you can define your small size. There was ard 1.5 inches PT which I.will.consider small and nice size.
  4. 108 Owen road. Nearest mrt is Farrer Park mrt
  5. Local fish shop, think some running discount, can't remember 25 or 20%.
  6. Think some lfs running 20% discount etc, maybe worth checking ard also.
  7. For Ai, which models are you looking at?
  8. Kept for ard 2 to 3 yrs. From.juvenile to adult. Orange shoulder tang ard 6 inches.amd.comvict ard 4 inches. Fishes.havent catch. Collection punggol area..ty.
  9. Got the Hana handheld, is that what u are looking at?
  10. 2. Caribsea cave hole rock. Photo shoes 2 pieces, stacked on top on one another. Selling $50 each.
  11. Set 1 Selling $30. For small setup. Dead but real rocks. That greenish rock just took out from tank yesterday. Advantage of real rocks: a. More Porous that artifical rock b. Dead rock is lighter and pest free - Compared to buying 'live". c. Any initial growth of bubble algae, aptisia, etc, can remove via scrapping off the surface as compared to some artifical rocks which are very hard and not possible.
  12. 1. Artifical resin rock Good for fowlr setup. Previously used for my fowlr setup and already 'run-in'. Selling $50.
  13. As per title. Clear small(1 small orange bag $5-$10) to medium rock(1 pcs ard $5 to $8) cheap(caribsea rock etc). Big rocks to view and discuss(aquaroch, caribsea, real rock, etc). Buy more w discount. All dead rocks. Viewing and collection at punggol. Will post some photos when available. Thanks.
  14. No sure the gender but think saw 1 at aquamarin, maybe can check with them
  15. Think aquamarin, reefmarketing, etc should have, can check w them.
  16. Usually check-in, so u got to get them to pack safely to ensure doesn't burst. If livestock(not endangered one) and no rock, etc, should be ok but good to double check w them via call or email
  17. Better u check.with ica. Previously, the limit was like only 3L of water.
  18. Bro aquareef123 may have also. Reasonable priced.
  19. Look for recent past posting by Kelvin81. Think he may have.
  20. Bro, latest update that just sold out. All the best in your hunt.
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