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  1. 1 x Aquablue Special 1 x Purple Plus 1 x True Actinic 3 x Blue Plus FCFS / self-collect in Tampines
  2. i have ~20kg worth which i hope will go to new reefers or reefers in need self collect in tampines please reply on this thread!
  3. 1. Reef Octopus OCTX 160-EXT = $100 small crack on the collection cup but sealed with clear silicon; no leakage original box included pump: sicce PSK-2500 (pinwheel) footprint: 210mm x 210mm diameter: 160mm height: 596mm rated for tanks up to 160 gal 2. Hydor Koralia Nano 240 = $25 original box included 900 l/h 4.5 watt 3. Aquabee 3000 = $75 pump only (with base stand, suction cups and front cover) 3000 l/h 45 watt 4. Fluidized Reactor = $30 prone to leak at the silicon joint; requires touching up to use externally otherwise in-sump use is fine (thats how i used it) added a ball valve to control in-flow i.e. compatible with strong pumps self collect in tampines!
  4. normal superglue, especially the liquid form, is really hard to apply unless you administer and stick your monti outside water the gel version is relatively easier but as far as i know more expensive and not viable in the long term. you best bet is still bsi gel as suggested
  5. hello all! clearing some unused items; 1. 2ft tank with cabinet = $50 front corners are curved i.e. same piece of glass for the front and sides cabinet; 2 front glass doors 2. 19kg of white, size 0, sand = $20 3. 1kg of potassium chloride = $10 4. Rowaphos - more than a full mug worth = $10 5. Weipro SA-2011 skimmer = $10 6. Aqualifter AW-20 = $10 7. XL stainless steal bone cutter = $15 free items (bros who purchase any ^ may reserve them, otherwise fcfs) 700l/h Boyu Powerhead 1200l/h Ocean Free Powerhead Maxijet MP-1200 (body only) self collect in tampines!
  6. Forgot to add, Small crack on towards the end of the collection cup but sealed with clear silicon; no leakage whatsoever. Price revised: $130
  7. Comes with the original box Foot Print: 210mm x 210xx Diameter: 160mm Height: 596mm Pump: Sicce PSK-2500 (Pinwheel) Skimmer rated for tanks up to 160 gallons! (5' x 2' x 2' is only 149.61 US gallons) $150 (FCFS) Collection at Tampines PM me if interested!
  8. healthy hardworking urchin still available! picture from the net
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