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  1. Decom and clearing two good working condition JBJ 24 Gallon (90 Liter) IOS Cube Tanks with the following dimension : W 45cm (18”), L 45cm (18”), H 45cm (18”) both tank comes with Lights, Filter Media, Piping as per the attached photos. Looking at $38 per tank or $70 for both tanks. Also available Eheim Pump 1048 (made In Germany) in good working condition clearing at $35 onlyPackage deal for 1 JBJ Nano tank with Eheim 1048 pump at $70 only. PM to arrange for viewing / collection in Sengkang on a First Come First Serve basis.
  2. Hi fellow reefers, I've got quite an experience with freshwater planted tanks, including larger system with a sump like setup, a very high PAR tanks with no algae issues (with precise nutrient & water chemistry control), complex filtration etc., and now I feel kinda ready for a saltwater setup. This is supposed to be a mixed reef where I plan to start with some easiest species and gradually evolve it as I learn more to more delicate fishes & LPS & SPS over a few years time. The question for this topic is whether I should got with a 5x2x2 ft tank which is much more co
  3. - Selling as a set or individually. - Whole -Selling as a set @ $600 or individually. Prices below. Open to negotiation - Made by CRA Aquarium - You’ll need to get own movers to dismantle piping, move and install for you at your own cost. 1 . Tank 1 : size : L 42" x W30" x H18" -12mm glass (Braceless ) with front and left Crystal glass -Black silicone / Black oyama at back -Bean animal overflow on right ( 3 holes ) 2 . Top electrical cabinet L10" x W36" x H18" - With door and lamination 3 . Tank 2 : Size : L20" x W20" x H 18" - 10mm glass ( Braceless
  4. Hi! Tank & accessories for cheap and fast sale currently freshwater 100 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm 3 sides crystal glass With internal overflow compartment 12 mm glass thickness $130 Chiller compressor 1.5hp with coil and controller (I think is Daikin) $180 Currently running Ecotech Vectra M1 return pump $270 Currently running. Collection at East side. Pls pm; thanks!
  5. Hi! I’m looking for 2ft - 2.5ft tank with sump for quarantine purposes, please PM if you have any
  6. Almost 2 years old tank, bought it from LFS with $100. Good condition, no visible scratches, LFS said Singapore product. Please inbox your offer Length - 31.5 inches Width - 14 inches Height - 18 inches
  7. My first pico reef in a Fluval spec 3 AIO tank.
  8. Hello Fellow Reefers I'm currently looking to sell my one-year-old IM Fusion Nano 10. Comes with all warranty documentation and manuals, original pump, filter sock, skimmer, original tank light, filter chamber along with the awesome accessories listed below. It's worked fantastically to keep a mix of Shrooms, Duncan, Zoas, Blasto, Yumas etc, along with a pair of clowns and a purple dotty back over the last year. FISH, CORAL & CUC PHOTOS/PRICES BELOW. Originally purchased the Tank at FreshNMarine for $750.00++. The tank/pump/skimmer have been completed cleaned, scrubbe
  9. Hello Fellow Reefers WTS IM10 TANK SET (1 Year Old) - Coral (Yumas, Zoas, Blasto, Duncan) Fish (Clowns, Dotty back) & Accessories I'm currently looking to sell my one-year-old IM Fusion Nano 10. Comes with all warranty documentation and manuals, original pump, filter sock, skimmer, tank light, filter chamber along with the awesome accessories listed below. It's worked fantastically to keep a mix of Shrooms, Duncan, Zoas, Blasto, Yumas etc, along with a pair of clowns and a purple dotty back over the last year. FISH, CORAL & CUC PHOTOS/PRICES BELOW. Originall
  10. Selling my tank with sump and aluminum profile stand. Display tank: made of 7mm super white glass, 120cmX 55cm X 60cm, detail dimension from the different angle are available in the attachment. Equipped with BeanAnimals's fail-safe and super silent overflow system. Stand: Designed with strong aluminum profiles. durable and better resistant to salt water corrosion than timber stand Sump: normal glass with 4 compartments. Dimensions available in the attachment. Selling due to lack of time for this hobby. Thinking to pick up this hobby some time later. Selling every
  11. Is it possible to set up a 10 gallon saltwater tank and fill about a quarter of it with my current saltwater tank's water? My current tank is running stable about 5 months already, keeping a zoa colony, a blue leg hermit and a clownfish under 2 normal filters, no protein skimmers no water changes Can i put some of that water in a new tank and add newly mixed water, and start keeping corals in it? am i asking for trouble in some sense? Please help. The reason why I'm gonna start the 10 gal is for a BTA (it'll have a protein skimmer for it) And i wanna put it in when the tank wate
  12. Can someone pls help me identify these purple stuff on my rocks? might it be coralline algae? cuz it started popping up a week or 2 after i bought a zoa colony with coralline algae on its rock.
  13. Upgrading to larger tank at new home so letting go of my system. This system gave me great joy with fast growth of SPS CHECK OUT THE PICS ATTACHED 1. Innovative Marine (IM) 20 Gallon NUVO Fusion Aquarium (with return pumps) - $300 - FREE Glossy Black Cabinet - FREE Jebao RW4 wavemaker - FREE Test kits and Food 2. Innovative Marine (IM) MiniMax – All-In-One Media Reactor - $100 3. 3/4 Tub of Red Sea Reef Pro Salt - $50 4. Refractometer - $20 Whatsapp or Call 9-6-6-6-6-713 for fast deals
  14. Hi all, is it possible to keep green star polyps or mushroom corals in an aquarium without protein skimmer?
  15. Help! My tank has a seemingly "oily" surface. i have a protein skimmer but it doesnt suck the surface, so is there a simple solutionvto this?
  16. Hi all, Few fishes to go: chromis, red sea salfin, tailspot wrasse, clarkii clown, pink Smith damsel, velvet damsel. Emerald crab Few corals, red digitata, red mushrooms, bubbles. Few equipment, ocean runner 3000, rio45, maxspect Razer, biopellet reactor, wavemaker with pulse control.Chiller Hailea hc1000 need top up gas. Liverocks sufficient to fill 4ft tank Tank size is 2*2.5*3ft. Thickness 10mm, black silicone. Too bottom brace. Take all for 500. Please contact at 974Ol2l8. Thanks.
  17. Any tips on how to lower tank temperature without a chiller? I cannot afford one.
  18. I think I started a tank thread here some time ago but couldn't find it. Maybe I did not start it at all. I am usually shy but would like to share some of my reefing experience with all. I want to disclaim that what I state is just personal opinion. It may not be factual as I am fairly new to the hobby relatively and sharing could always help others and myself learn along the way. Let me start by talking about my tank and cabinet. It is made by ah heng. It is very nice tank overall. Workmanship for the glass is good but silicone work can be improved. CRA and N30 tanks seem to be very detail
  19. Posting for a friend: Whatsapp if interested: 9152-4549 1) yellow tang, blue hippo tang and tomato clown with white and purple anenome -$70 (will not separate as have been a happy, healthy and peaceful community for a couple of years). 2) Purple encrusted live rock -$20 3) 125 litre tank and cabinet with Dymax L-Max LED light, Jireh Marine designed filtration and skimmer system and plexiglass lid. In okay condition. Great as a cheap starter marine tank. $90 or $150 including 1 and 2 above and loads of freebies (trace elements (Carbonate, Magnesium, Calcium, Iodine), Marine PH
  20. Hi Reefers, Selling the following to clear space: OF Marine 4 Tank - 63L - ($100) Dimensions: 440mm x 360mm x 400mm Condition: Very good condition (actual usage of tank was just 1 to 2 months as a QT for fish, all other times it has been dry and left there) WYSIWYG / FCFS / Self Collect in Yishun PM if interested. Thanks.
  21. Selling three sets of Boyu 24G IOS Cub Tank (1.5' x 1.5') in working condition and can be use for Fresh Water or Salt Water. Each tank comes with the following configuration: 1. Pump 2. Filter media (as shown in the picture) 3. Light build-in 4. One pc of Dymax IQ Skimmer Tank set A: selling at S$80 condition at 9 /10 Tank set B: selling at S$68 condition at 8 /10 Tank set C: selling at S$50 condition at 7 /10 Contact me at 9430 8993 for viewing and collection on a first come first serve basis. Following are the pictures for each of the tank set: Tank Set A
  22. Hi all, I'm looking for a 3 or 4 feet tank with sump for an upgrade of my current tank. Pm for price at 81885680 please!:) thanks!
  23. Decomming my 35cm cube nano tank. Upgrading to bigger tank, hence will try to just keep 1 tank. All items used less than 6 months 1) 35cm cube glass tank with IOS, return pump, LED light (normal LED light - white and blue) with custom cover - $80 2) Bubble magnus qq 2 protein skimmer - $50 3) Zetlight ZA1201-L LED marine lighting with controller (auto on/off with different modes (auto sunrise, sunset, etc) - $80 4) Jecod (same as Jebao) Dosing Pump 5 channel - $80 5) Jebao SW-4 wavemaker - $40 (very very very new) Take all : $300 This is the tank with the stock LED li
  24. As above mentioned. Do Pm me with price and pictures! Thank you!
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