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  1. For the Bros who are interested on the FR, Lighting etc.. Sorry but a fellow reefer decided to take all my stuffs.. Again, sorry for the inconvenience caused.. All marine stuffs cleared.. closing the sales...
  2. All Live stocks still available...Any takers? its now going for $50...
  3. Can the two guys who reserved items number 4 and 5 send me a PM.. I lost your mobile numbers.. my windows mobile phone crashed
  4. I have received a huge response. I will try to respond to all your queries in time.
  5. Giving up Hobby due to shift of place.. All Live rocks + sand + mushies + frogspawn + Sponge + Livestock all for $70 The following hardware will go after livestocks are cleared: 1. 12 Gallon tank 2. Atman CF-600 3. Jebo UV-H9 4. 1.5 feet aquazonic 16W 12K and 16W actinic blue modified with 2 10W 20000K High Power 800LM LED Lamp Blub 5. 2LittleFishies FR with sulphur and Calcium media all prepped and matured 6. 7 Gallon Five Plan tank you can contact me at 92393150 if interested,
  6. I am also from potong pasir , I really like to have a coral beauty but I only have a 12 gallon. upz for you!
  7. The atman CF-600 has two compartments. on the lower compartment I have two filter foams and on the upper compartment I have ceramic rings and carbon media. Just arrived from an overseas trip and I will continue to construct my LED project. will post pics really really soon
  8. nice neat setup you have there. can't wait to see all the corals that will bloom on that rockstructure.
  9. The items already arrived. Can't wait to assemble the 10W 20000K SMD LED on my original 1.5ft T5 fixture. will post pics later..
  10. In order to put some sufficient lighting to my tank, I have decided to mod my existing 1.5ft aquazonic T5.. The modification will involve putting at most 2pcs 10W 20K SMD LED on the fixture.. I will get this done when the orders arrive All are items from ebay. 10W 20000K High Power 800LM LED Lamp Blub Description: Color Temperature: 20000K DC Forward Voltage (VF): 10-12V DC DC Forward Current (IF): 1000mA Viewing Angle: 120 Degree Intensity Luminous (Iv): 800LM AC Power Supply For 10 Watt LED Lamp Bulb Description: Input Voltage: 100-264V Output
  11. I also experienced the same bleaching at 31C.. at 28C I saw significant improvement. However, I must say that there are other factors to consider like lighting and water parameters.
  12. I have decided that in order to control phospate count on my tank, I will put Rowaphos on the TLF 150.. But.. Rowaphos is quite expensive.. any of you guys used Rowaphos or can compare it with other adsorbents?
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