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  1. Hi bro, is the baby africanus still available? Any idea what's the damage? Can pm me? Tks
  2. ezman

    Wtb mp10

    you can look for Linus, he is a set for sales at 250!!
  3. Hi bro, what's the dimension of it? Can it be fitted into 4"x4" iOS?
  4. Many fishes at ah Beng today. Coral beauty/bio/sohal tang/nasoh tang/purple tang, etc and also Bali shipment of fishes and corals arrived today at 2.40pm.
  5. Posting on behalf my friend to give away 2 pcs of 2" frontosa. Collection near Jurong point. For fast collection, pls contact Bala, 9744 0854
  6. I was there again yesterday morning and the sun coral is no longer available. Its being displayed in the tank! But Iwarna has quite a few supersuns inside their display tank which is available for sales!
  7. Tenticle plate reserved. Pending for collection!
  8. Urchin and Cucumber reserved. Pending for collection!
  9. Selling a nice green tenticle plate at $35.00. Dealing in the west. please PM to deal.
  10. Have a very active and healthy sea urchin and cucmber to let go at $10.00.......collection in the west, Jurong! PM me to deal. Thanks for reading!
  11. Pic taken with fish in container.......
  12. Selling this pce of 2.5" dwaft lionfish at $20. Feeding on frozen mysis. Collection in jurong. SMS 96363367 for fast deal.
  13. hi, is the Green (pink tip) bubble anemone - $10 available? I am interested.
  14. Go coral shopping never ask me along??
  15. Totally agreed with big Bro Mike. Without bro CFOh's contribution, we won't be able to gather so much info! Cheers/paul
  16. I also want to visit you, do you welcome me??
  17. thats a beautiful prata! What is the damage light??
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