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  1. Just took this photo this afternoon. It’s just $10 for a nice color up piece.
  2. Yes, still available. Pls pm & sorry for the late reply, thanks.
  3. Starting to color up. In my tank for 2wks plus. Anyone interested pls pm me.
  4. Clearing at $8….pm me if keen, thanks!!
  5. $10. Nearest mrt for collection Admiralty MRT. Woodlands Ave 6 if collect at my place. Pls pm if keen.
  6. Another year passed, sorry for the lack of updates. Now my tank 2 years (2nd April) old!! Some corals picture to share… Strawberry Field Lil Red Ferrari Walt DisneySolar Flare or Golden Nugget? Was sold to me as solar flare but look more like golden nugget. Hmmm…A. CerealisWild Oz Tabling Acro, Unknown ID. Hope u like that as much as I do, cheers!!
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