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  1. Clearing off soon. Pls pm me if u r keen.
  2. 11/2”50mm Gate valve sold separately at $50 now. Bundle price for all at $120.
  3. Lights sold, left skimz cm122 calcium reactor. Let me know as it’s running in my tank. Need time to dismantle.
  4. Selling everything as a whole. No choosing of specific parts. Good for modifying plumbing and maybe new setup but sure not enough for full setup but will save u some cost. All for $90. Collect at my place in woodlands. If nobody want I will dispose by next week.
  5. Have extra from my new setup leftover, selling at $70 only. Inner diameter 50mm. Pls pm if interested. Collect in woodlands at my place.
  6. All lights reserved, left with skimz cm122 CRX.
  7. 2 sets 4ft super actinic illumagic vitamini led bars: $300 3 sets R80 with hang bar & wire kit suitable for 4ft: $750 Take all for just $800.
  8. I hv 2 sets of redsea filter baskets and 2 small toyogo boxes which I double up as media filter boxes. This toyogo box is stackable type. Letting all for $10. Buyer need to take all so I dun waste time transacting separate sales. Thks for understanding, collection in woodlands area.
  9. Hi guys, Still selling this clam from my previous decommed 4ft tank. $700. Pls pm for more details. ID I’m not too sure as some reefers saying this a maxima and some said is squamosa and as I googled it does hv traits of both. Pls pm for details on collection.
  10. Due to change of plans, decide to sell this, model is ROLFIL-25A. More infor can be found here: https://www.freshnmarine.com/products/wavereef-automatic-fleece-filter?_pos=5&_sid=a61ea9245&_ss=r Selling at $170, foc one fleece roll. My loss ur gain. Not yet touch water. Only took out from box to assemble. Pls pm me if keen. Collection near admiralty mrt.
  11. Next day, lfs guys came over to help topping up tank water and also do up the wire management part. Thank u the guys from RR & TC for 2 days of hard work. Some pic of the finished work... Chose this bonsai look for my main DT. Btw the led lightings do look out of place as I still using my old lights and hanging fixtures. Had to remove the most left one from the pic due to spread is out of position. All my power point neatly done up. Sump tank.
  12. New tank arrived on Saturday. DT is 90x50x50cm. Will be a sps dominated tank. Tank Culture guys fixing up the tank, positioning, piping and glue work and cabinet door.Done in less than 2hrs.Next is water test although tank maker assure it oredi been done in their workshop. Just a double assurance. In case u guys are wondering, the small tank beside will be my MP (Multi-Purpose) tank. Probably keeping some of my sps frags and some lps and can be double as a qt tank for my fishes but doubt it will serve much of that function as it is sharing same sump.
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