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  1. H2Ocean Fluidized Reactor and Marine Source Biopellet Reactor sold. Upz for the rest!!
  2. Pls pm me if u keen on any of the below items. Price listed below each of the item’s photos. Aquabee UP300 $30 Kintons Aquarium Clean Pump $10 Aquatic Exclusive Coral feeders, 35cm and 55cm $20 H2Ocean fluidized reactor, one of the elbow connector is cracked but I glued it and is working fine but u can hose in directly instead of using it. $30 Marine Source Biopellet Reactor $40 Hailea HX2500 Water pump $10 Gravel siphon + manual pump + hose $10 Coraline color dry rock $10 DIY frag rack $8 Location near Admiralty Mrt.
  3. Just the net and the plastic corner bracket fixtures. The net have a few sizes depending on which ones suitable for ur tank size and u trim accordingly as its usually oversized to use from the start.
  4. Saw this so bought it to try as it is cheaper than other alternatives and brands. Corner plastic brackets can’t really fit in even though dimensions for 12mm due to the silicon works at the edge of the glass. Don’t really dare to slice the silicon to fit it in and compromise the structure of the tank. The net looks wobbly and not flat out.
  5. Realized my potassium kinda low at 350ppm and the suspected my trace could be low as well. Started dosing both and almost immediately saw some improvements the next day. Now my K reading back to 400 and my no3 at 10pm and po4 at 0.18ppm. Will try to reduce my nutrients further to approx 5ppm for no3 and 0.05ppm for po4.
  6. Noted on ur advice. Shall check out my no3.
  7. Half price clearance this wkend. Pls pm me….Thks. $5 each now!!
  8. My PO4 is rocket high this morning…0.34ppm!! Using this last nite….wondering if it’s due to the new bacteria at work? As 2 days ago is 0.17ppm. Nonetheless I think it’s time to change the po4 removing media.
  9. Selling at $10 each. Located at woodlands near admiralty mrt. White lights: Blue lights: Mother colony for reference under white and blue lights (not for sale):
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