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  1. Still have 3/4 left. Selling at $6. Expiry date 07-2022. Location to collect along woodlands ave 6 at my place. Pls pm me if keen.
  2. Model is MJ-GF4K, used less than 1 year. Still have ard 1mth plus of warranty left. Selling cos I have enough wavemakers to sustain my tank after downgrade. Condition: 9/10 Looking at $180 or u tell me ur best price and I will consider... but no low balls (I consider 35% less of my selling price as low ball). If there’s no takers then I will keep as spare. Location near Admiralty mrt.
  3. Extra rod is riveted plus screwed to increase its length to 51cm. Original length is 41cm. There’s a few holes to choose from so give u the flexibility to find the spot best for positioning ur lights. Selling just this hanging brackets, not other kits or accessories and screw sets provided. All shown in my picture. Price at $20 for one pair. Collect from Woodlands Ave 6.
  4. Have some balance from my nano tank setup. Letting go at $10. Grain size ranging from 1-3mm. Pls refer to the pictures I’ve taken. Collect at my place near admiralty mrt. Pm if keen. Weight taken is 4.6kg.
  5. Finally got back my remaining corals from my previous tank. Thank u to my friend who hosted for me all this while. Some pics to show... Almost bare bone fts... The Lps/frag tank Thats all for now.
  6. I need a reality check.

  7. Hi, already collected by another bro.
  8. Toyogo box dimensions are 24.5 by 16.5 by 6.8cm. Foc. Location at my place along woodlands ave 6. Pm me soon else I will dispose them ASAP.
  9. Decided to give them out for free including the green basket stack boxes. One person take all. No choosing of what u want to take. Will start a new thread.
  10. Massive build, camping here to follow ur thread!!
  11. Got my lights up and old 3 fishes back. PO4 at a high of 0.4ppm. Monitoring for now...continuing my daily dose of bacteria.
  12. Calcium reactor still available.
  13. Toyogo box dimensions are 24.5 by 16.5 by 6.8cm.
  14. Price reduced to $160 + foc 1 fleece roll for fast deal, collect tonite.
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