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  1. Realized my potassium kinda low at 350ppm and the suspected my trace could be low as well. Started dosing both and almost immediately saw some improvements the next day. Now my K reading back to 400 and my no3 at 10pm and po4 at 0.18ppm. Will try to reduce my nutrients further to approx 5ppm for no3 and 0.05ppm for po4.
  2. Noted on ur advice. Shall check out my no3.
  3. Half price clearance this wkend. Pls pm me….Thks. $5 each now!!
  4. My PO4 is rocket high this morning…0.34ppm!! Using this last nite….wondering if it’s due to the new bacteria at work? As 2 days ago is 0.17ppm. Nonetheless I think it’s time to change the po4 removing media.
  5. Selling at $10 each. Located at woodlands near admiralty mrt. White lights: Blue lights: Mother colony for reference under white and blue lights (not for sale):
  6. More on burnt tips…My fav dragonfruit also hit by it. The tenuis that got affected. Closed up under whiter lights. My nano tank has never looked so full although with half dead corals. From another forum: Found this quite similar to my problems. As my other parameters looks good, leds looked like the likely culprit. Now have to lower my light intensity and acclimatized my tank’s acros all over again.
  7. At first thot, I think sure no problem can glue it back the same spot. So I applied lots of glue gel on the broken joints. But alas…way to heavy to hold up. Next solution, I thinking to place in top of some intersection and glued and add epoxy to strengthen the joints. Ok, this is what I did… Final scape look like this minus all the sick corals. Still have a one or two acros having tiny bits of burnt tips but I leaving them as it is as my nano tank also have limited space and keep my fingers crossed to monitor if they can self recover by themselves.
  8. More brown tips spreading all over to all of my tenuis and some of my oz acroporas…decided to break the spreading today by dislodging and bringing some of the affected corals to my nano tank and threw away those beyond saving. Thot is just a simple task of throwing away half dead sps and relocating my brown tips sps to my nano tank (sharing same sump). But Murphy won’t listen and had to come look me up….one of the huge branch broke and I have to somehow find a way to stick it back cos I really like the tree branch scape look. To be continued….next post…
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