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  1. Homewrecker sold. Upz for the rest!!
  2. Homewrecker $20 dragonfruit $60 purple tip stag $10turquoise stag $5monti $5 Color may varies from actual pic. Do pm if keen. Location at woodlands near admiralty mrt.
  3. Thanks. Need to learn from u better techniques of taking photos. Lol. Used a fujifilm xp140 to take these photos. Not ideal yet.
  4. More photos to share... Thanks for viewing.
  5. Remaining 3 & 4 reserved for collection.
  6. Kicking off 2021 with some pics updates... Dragonfruit growing but losing its green base. tricolor valida or some called it bonsai vailda. Pink hyacinthus holding its color but only growing new branches from the sides to “table” out. No much vertical growth from the mother colony.
  7. Happy new year, reefers!! Better pic of the white walker acro...cheers!!
  8. Xmas everyone!! New toy, Xmas gift from wifey Wifi control really makes reefing easier. Lol After downsizing my orange monti, it seem to fuse better with my green monti....cheers!!
  9. Balance frags to trade or can also exchange with a can of coke.
  10. Very colorful tank and impressive scoly collection!!
  11. I never had success keeping one. Alw disappeared in my tank. Haha. What’s ur secret?
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