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  1. Sunburst anemone u referring as is the small rose bubble tip anemone?
  2. Rainbow infusion and laser lemon zoas sold. Upz for the rest.
  3. Have the following to sell, Rainbow infusion $20Pink birdnest $10Unknown id acro $10Orange monti on plug $8Laser lemon $15 Pls WhatsApp @9ll5O86four or pm me. Collect along Woodlands ave 6 at my place, nearest mrt is Admiralty mrt.
  4. Taken by a nice bro. Thanks for all the interest.
  5. I see. So this is ur carbon source? And bacteria u just depend on the bact balls?
  6. Nice. Can share what is the carbon dosing method u r using?
  7. Updates: orange monti1: $25 orange monti2: $15 (reserved) pink birdnest: $8 (sold) pink lemonade: $80 bicolor purple tip stag: $60 Take all remaining 3 pcs @ $150
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