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  1. Marvel theme corals on the way?
  2. Ver impressive looking tank. Nice coloration in ur sps too.
  3. Container not provided. Selling at $20. Pm me if keen. Collect in Woodlands.
  4. Welcome to src, u probably need lots of tees, elbows and other joints to create that much sections or just change the sump with 6 sections would be easier?
  5. Sorry to hear that. You are right to check the sand as most likely a candidate. If still an issue, then you may want to check your Calcium Reactor effluent as can also leech phosphate (but not heard of them leaching silicate) Thanks for the advise. Will check on that.
  6. I think somewhere leeching high po4 and silicates probably my coral sands as I didn’t wash it or as they alw termed it as cooking my rocks and sand before putting in. All my old sps frags didn’t make it. Now struggling to keep my lps alive. Back to the drawing board again.
  7. Yes, it will be quite shallow. Need to make sure ur rockscape with corals’ height clearance when submerged in water.
  8. Need to be like this durso standpipe here.
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