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  1. That's a flamboyant cuttle. Possible endangered, as toxic as the blue ring; but not sure how it administers the poisons; through bite, secretion or by eating it. Not a good choice for starters.
  2. Lifespan for cuttlefish is typically one year or less. The whole point of keeping cuttlefish is to continuously maintain their life cycle. Towards the end, if you happen to have males and females, they will breed without further notice. This is difficult part where the babies need lots of mysis, copepods, up until at least the 3 month mark when they can be introduced to the adult set up. Anecdotally, it is important to feed them quite frequently, twice a day or something. This keeps them from aggression. Forget about small tanks though; not happening with heavy waste creatures like these. Also, ghost shrimp can be used for a start, but they must be converted to saltwater. Don't feed fish, DK if they've been treated with copper. Can be converted to frozen with a little effort. Anyone seen cuttlefish recently?
  3. Being quite unstable, ozone is toxic at low concentrations. Did read that once you are able to smell ozone, it is about to reach dangerous levels.
  4. Do a sand bed that is deep for the jawfish. Timid creatures, bad idea for the set up.
  5. Not a bad thing. All have short lifespans period.
  6. No....Both species are clearly predatory for a reason, as are their defensive mechanisms. Cephalopods, keep alone. Tank will likely be too small for many octopus species. Very hard to identify.
  7. Hey, on a side note. I'd like to know if you have any concrete information regarding their captive lifespans. It seems like that don't make it past 1-2 years. How long have yours lasted? Thanks!
  8. Do not overfeed frogfish.... Despite their crazy exploits eating fish larger than them in the wild. More often that not in captivity, overfed frogfish suffer from gas issues that kill them. Additionally, damselfish that have been treated with copper will likely harm the frogfish. Feed once or twice a week, and that should be sufficient. For additional references, google the "frogfish files". Here's a caresheet from Anthony Calfo.
  9. Vaseline is unlikely to work I believe. You can line the tank with turf.
  10. Some notes. RODI, most importantly remove copper from the water. A variety of foods. There are no cephalopods that will live beyond two years that are readily available in captivity. Sure, there's octopus bimaculatus which you can have for 2 years when kept at 6 degree celsius, or the giant octopus which lives for 4-8 at the same temperatures. Do not buy mimic's or blue rings. Six month life span, unknown toxicity for the former, and a lack of human friendly interaction in both species.
  11. Has anyone had success with frogfish for more than 3 years? How was it achieved? Been reading a rather long thread about frogfish. No one seems to have success with specimens beyond 2 years. http://archive.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=266993
  12. I've never read, or at least, don't see often cases where multiple angels can survive together. But if you do, that's great and certainly don't have to be sorry about it. What I don't believe in at all however, is putting a 40cm fish in a tank just twice its size eventually speaking.
  13. Bump. Looking for one in usable condition for less than $40.
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