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  1. An updated pic of my maxima. I believe it has grown more intense. Pic taken through glass - not water surface.
  2. Been almost a year since returning to a wonderful hobby after a long break. Good to be back!

    1. ASHWIN


      welcome back!

  3. tank dimensions 75cm x 45cm x 45cm (160 litres)
  4. am looking for something with purplish hue. and for bubble, i want a bluish one (green nice, but too common)
  5. Thanks! It's not a frogspawn. It's a hammer. Anyway, sold it and the bubble behind already - both overgrown. So am now shopping for a small frogspawn, and maybe an evern small bubble. So far, not seen any I like (not the colours/size I want).
  6. How much would u pay for a clam like this? Pic shot through glass, not water surface.
  7. I siphon sandbed every fortnight during 15% water change
  8. U will need to isolate if u want survival. Put rock with eggs in separate tank, run airstream over eggs till hatch. By now, u shld hv infusoria stock ready for babies to eat. If none, newly hatched brine shrimp might work. Good luck and keep us updated!
  9. ATMAN pump sold. To speed things up,price of Dolphin reduced to $10. Eheim down to $70 each - with original Eheim valves for easy maintenance!
  10. Got a brand new spare unit of 40PU2 for sale. This is for freshwater - not for marine. $250.
  11. 2 Eheim 2215 (620litre/hr): $75 each. 1 Dolphin H300 HOB filter : $12. 1 ATMAN pump (1,300litre/hr): $10. All in perfect working condition.
  12. bro, iwarna got plenty - fat, multiple heads with long tentacles at $80 (flat price).
  13. I think they're pretty, but not very habitable nor sustainable.
  14. I think they're pretty, but not very habitable nor sustainable.
  15. public service announcement : AM has huge stock of crocea clams - varying sizes,colours and prices.
  16. What other LPS do u hv bro?
  17. hi does anyone have cuttings of this to sell/give? or know of LFS with regular supply of this?
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