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  1. Thank you, I'm currently dosing once or bi weekly.
  2. Hi guys, My tank is about 2 months old now, currently got at least 10 corals and 4 fishes. Parameters are all looking good as well. How often should i be dosing both microbacter and biofuel? thanks.
  3. no i have not tested ammonia, but let me get to that. thanks.
  4. Gd morning reefers, I recently set up my 5 ft tank and was keen to cycle with the live prawn method, however the tank maker said it was not necessary and proposed dosing microbacter7 and biofuel daily for 7 days and start measuring the water parameters. currently at 7th day, the reading is such: Salinity 1.028 NO3 25 PO4 0.03 CA 500 MG 1500 KH 8.0 Numbers look too good to be true for a week of cycling. I am not in a hurry to put in livestock, so am ok to wait on. However, will the reading change as a wait on? Is the cycling proper?
  5. Hi Was searching on exhaust when I came across this thread. Can I check if it's noisy?
  6. Relating to RODI, i was told that a LPS tank only need RO water, DI will be too clean for LPS to thrive. Any truth in that?
  7. Hi. I was told by my tank maker that for a 5ft x 2.5ft x 20inch tank, i will require a 15mm glass. However when i did a search on this forum, even the 6 footers are using 12mm and i also crossed checked with the aquatools website calculator, it says this size requires 8mm thickness. So am i right to say 15mm thickness is not necessary? Thanks.
  8. Thanks bros for your advise, i do have an acrylic cover which i popped by the shop to get them to tint it.. now it doesnt look as bright.. observing them daily to see if all is good. So far, corals and fishes are good, just not sure if the colors will come back.
  9. Yes i might have to do that, but i think the shortest T5 is 2ft? Mine is 1.5ft tank.. arghhhh..
  10. LOL, that will be mine.. But they do get natural sunlight beaming from the balcony. Yes i do feed them, corals are pretty fat and healthy, just not as colorful..
  11. Hi James, The problem is, i will need to drill holes in order to hang away from the surface.. so i think for now, i'm going to tint the acrylic cover so that the light to block excessive light.. fingers cross, i hope that works.
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