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Found 13 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm left with these equipments, price reduced to clear. Nyos 160 - $400 Ecotech S2 - $300 AI Hydra 52HD - $420 Please DM only if you're keen. Thank you
  2. Hi reefers, I have 2 used sets for sale after upgrading. One is qwd version and one is the older model, wes version. Both were used for quite a number of years. Wes controller buttons inner plastic are broken and brittle and will drop into the controller box if press too hard. Wet side a bit noisy when running. Doesn’t affect function and certainly not for the fussy. Qwd $250 Wes $50 Pls pm if u r keen. If nobody wants it I will keep as spare. Collect from woodlands, my place.
  3. Hi Guys , We are starting this thread to share with you guys the journey during the setting up of our new show tank in our office. Hopefully it can provide you with some tips and inspiration along the way . Tank dimension 150 x 75 x 75 CM 12 mm Black silicone Main tank glass thickness; 15mm with 19mm bracing Tank Is make by our dealer and good friend ; N30 Sump tank is a customize acrylic tank Made our partner Reef Garden in South Korea ; Tank is supported by metal stand with special Acrylic coating, and frame made by Reef Garden in South Korea ; More photos will be coming soon... Stay tune !
  4. Collection @ Woodlands WhatsApp 9eight45eight255 Deltec 1350 = $120 WC pump = $40(New) 2 x elevated rock(magnet) = $50 2 x mp10 adaptor = $6 each 2 x mp10 wet side = $10 each Probe holder = $6 Air lifter = $8 Pest trap = $6
  5. 3.5 years old, good working condition, washed clean and ready to be collected anytime at only $150 (beauty world mrt). text 81-21-18-19.
  6. Hi guys, Have the following used items for sales due to upgrade/under usage, (1) Vectra M1 Centrifugal Pump DC (FOC filter attachment) - $350 (2) Ecotech MP60wQD Wavemaker - $700 (3) NYOS Quantum Skimmer 220 - $800 All items have been around for 1 year but all working perfectly. All have been soaked and cleaned properly. All plug and play. Kindly PM if interested. Thanks.
  7. Looking for Ecotech MP10 wireless. If you have please contact me at 97104907! Thanks
  8. Hi all, WTS - MP10W - 100$ Tunze 6025 - 15$ Collection on at East - Bedokreservior road - Kaki Bukit Thanks
  9. Can someone advise me where to get adoptor (3/4") for the pump's outlet ? I staying in the west and went to couple of hardware shops no avail.
  10. Selling the following: 2x Ecotech MP40wQD 1x Ecotech Backup Battery (Still have warranty) All in GREAT condition, both the MP40 wetside have been very recently replaced w new ones. Retail at: $1,330 Selling at: $770 WhatsApp me at 9438two788
  11. Hi guys, i'm looking for 2 used set of Ecotech Radion xr30w. Please pm or whatsapp me @98007030. Many thanks!
  12. Hi fellow MP40 users, My MP40 suddenly stopped syncing to my radion. That's means before that I could could press feed mode on my radion and my mp40 pump will go into feed mode. I dunno why it suddenly stopped syncing. I have tried the following methods but still can't resolve the problem. Doing hard & soft reset. Re-program and reapply Ecosmart config settings. Power on and off both radion and vortech & check cable connection. I using one radion and one mp40. Currently the W light on the mp40 driver is not lit meaning wireless is disabled. Anyone encounters this before? Any way to turn the wireless back on? Pls help... Appreciate & thanks.
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