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  1. Any bro/sis here encounter Daeil Fish Cooler chiller unable to start up? What might be the cause, is there anyway I can solve the problem by diying? Or if any home repair service technician to recommend? Thanks in advanced.
  2. Thanks but where is this Marine Depot locate??
  3. Out of stock lei that why headache.
  4. Hi All, Need some help getting the above. Thanks.
  5. But please take note, do not over dose. the aluminium from the product is very small if worry use 50% of the recommended amount. that is what I'm doing. I have been trying all the expensive brand and it can't bring down my Po4. so I end up try phosguard and within 2 weeks my Po4 down to zero. without trying it you won't kown the effect but try in small amount and monitor your Po4.
  6. Have been using it for close to 2 years liao, no problem.
  7. I have try some of the Po4 remover product and found that Seachem Phosguard is the best to help me remove Po4 in my tank. so far been using it for coming to 2 years.
  8. Sorry to ask, you means you dose Seachem Ca and Reef Builder powder directly into your tank?
  9. got mine from BioPlast blk22 boon keng rd #01-23 (330022) K T Tan tel:62964916/62964919
  10. http://led.linear1.org/led.wiz hope this help
  11. transparent blocks where to get from and how it look like and how you waterproof it ?? Getting intresting and more headache
  12. Try this one, have lot of info that I catch no ball http://led.linear1.org/led.wiz
  13. Thanks Bro's, This is really a chim thing to knock head The problem is that, I need to use back the 24vDC/AC transformar to power up is because I can't even located where the transformar is So bopian have to use back lor.
  14. Chim don't get it my transformer is already out put at 24dcv.
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