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  1. Winner will be notified by PM on Facebook messenger Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. Congrats to all the winner to the Reef Roids Give away contest ! 1)Mohammad Zulhaiqal 2)Jun Wee 3)Alston Yeap 4) Jolene Seah 5) Joseph Wong 6) Alvin Yoong 7) Shanmuga Sunthar Muniandy 8) Hawow Haw 9) Wilmer Jun Rong 10) Ian Wright 11) Maria Chai 12) Joel Zxz 13) Kenny Ng 14) Ben Huang 15) Andy Lwf
  3. A warm welcome to our new sponsor - Asiasin Capital to SRC. Do keep a look out for their new unique Barrier reef coral food products from Australia that they are carrying . Instagram page ; https://www.instagram.com/asiasincapital/ Email ; vinoth.asiasincapital@gmail.com Tel: 9489 1509
  4. One more day left for the Give away contest. Dont miss it !
  5. Join the Polyplab Reef roids Give-Away contest !! ( Open to Singapore reefer only ) Closing date; 29.05.21 To participate, simply do the following ; 1) Reply with a comment on our FB post here with a photo of your favorite coral 2) Share and post the same photo on the forum thread here as well 3) LIKE & Share this FaceBook post. 4) 15 Winner will be randomly selected and a pack of the reef roids coral food will be posted to you ! 5) Winner will be notified by PM
  6. Weekly Kopi-O ,, How often do you guy wash your skimmer cup ?
  7. Recent FTS... And some close up.
  8. Very useful acrylic isolation box whenever introducing new fish into tank especially tang and angelfish to check for aggression and feeding before releasing into the the community.
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