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  1. Collection at jurong west.
  2. Giving abt 5kg live rock consist medium & small rock. Pls bring pail to collect on coming sat or sun. Pls PM if interested.
  3. Selling below and collection at west area. 1) 2ft tank package a - 2ft tank (23"(L) x 19"(W) x 16"(H) x 10mm(T). b - 2ft tank (24"(L) x 12"(W) x 12("H) x 5mm(T) - Previously use as sump tank. c - DIY overflow pipe - need to do piping to sump yourself. d - Liverock as you see in photo. All above for $50. 2) Tunze 6015 (1 yr old) - $25.
  4. Wanted to buy used goodbye PO4 to try. Preferable at west area. Pls pm $ and location.
  5. Yeah. Salt spray n i built cover to prevent it. Try floating n update us.
  6. UAS is good but then after sometime, the glass also built up with algae. So need to remove both screen n glass algae. When remove algae on glass, it will send back to DT if you dont suck it out with pump off. At the end, i change mine to waterfall. Just need to remove screen algae.
  7. After 5 months, dead rock should become live rock as bacteria colonies. As the LR pretty white, doubt the LR had gone thru the cycle. Start dosing bacteria and check for ammonia, n02 & no3.
  8. Carbon usually use to remove toxic n have clear water clarity n not necessary put there permanently. Just curious why use 2 type carbon(wool & pellet). Achieve salinity n ph doesnt mean ideal for SW as there are more parameter control for SW. 5 momths tank without algae mean you should have a very effective nutrient export that can strip the LR to very white rock.
  9. If fish no issue, need to check your set up then. I got feeling your set up toward FW more. SW tank usually don't use carbon wool n carbon pellets. Maybe you like to describe how your set up and do you dose bacteria?
  10. Try to help but maybe not useful. a) Did the fish eating before u brought. Interval adding the maroon clownfish, lionfish,mandrin(pellet fed),tangs. c) Duration before each of it die from your day of adding. d) Is the fish eating while on your tank. e) Is your lifestock from same source.
  11. Most likely the tank not able to take the pressure of saltwater. What height and thickness of the tank?
  12. Use this calculator. Included tank thickness and with all sort of others calculator you will need. http://www.hamzasreef.com/Contents/Calculators/
  13. Selling above abt 2" fish for $50. Feeding well with pellet & frozen mysis and pests. My camera unable to capture the color but post together with web photo. PM if interested.
  14. I try before seachem flourish excel with spot dose and it's working but it also make the portion of the LR become white too. You may try if still not able resolve it. There are mixture respond of kent mag.
  15. Try sealife at bukit merah. You encounter bryopsis?
  16. I got a lobang ask a bro tumpang buy bayer from amazon with current promotion of free int ship if buy more than usd125. If anyone interested, i can link u directly to him for the deal. Pm if need. I don't know when he order but soon as he allow me to tumpang.
  17. Land2013


    I been to hai cheong and the bulkhead as photo not available there.
  18. Chiller reserved. Sorry to bro's that didn't receive PM reply.
  19. Selling a well maintain chiller as above and use about 3 yrs due to upgrade. Pls PM if interested. •Min Flow Rate: 900l/h •Max Flow Rate: 3600l/h •Dimensions: 240w x 420d x 470h (mm) •Weight: 20kg •Tank Size: Up to 490 litres
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