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  1. Ya. My fish takes abt 1 week to come out n play too.
  2. Im also new here. Moved to 2ft salt setup from my planted tank. Im using eheim 2213 which is linked to my hailea chiller 28a. Using ehem external pump 1250 to assist in the water flow to the chiller. So far my eheim 2213 is doing great. Im also using reefoctopus bh1000 as skimmer
  3. If tank is new usually not much foam. Only bubbles. Take a while before impurities occur after adding fish or food i guess (correct me if im wrong). Within 1 week shld have dirty foam flowing out. Thats what i experience with my new tank
  4. I used polar diltilled water before. Buy bottles of it for my nano. Must read the ingredients read all levels is 0 percent. After cycling i decided to buy rodi unit. More cheaper than everytime buy polar bottles. Heavy lei....
  5. For me i just scrub them off using tooth brush. They will grow again. Ive reduced lighting to only 6hrs and works great.
  6. Im not promoting any products. But ive been using seachem stability n seachem matrix as media and works pretty well or recycling. Takes me abt 2weeks before all levels back to normal. Im using fish food as ammonia. Maybe theres other products out there better then seachem.
  7. Mine is also abt 2mnths old tank brown algae is common even when i use rodi water I normally scrap the algae with tooth brush during weekly water change. Scrap then change water.
  8. My bubble tip anemone pairs with my picasso quite gently but takes them abt 1.5mnths to understand it. Dunnoe why. Maybe the lfs i bought from dunnhave anemone in their tank.
  9. I used frozen prawn bits. But usually my mischevious cleaner prawn will steal it before the anemone closes. Thus must feed my cleaner shrimps before feeding my anemone
  10. Ok got it. Sim lim tower have. 18sgd. Thanks guys.
  11. Hi. I tried searching for any forum that discuss this but was about 7years old away. Anyone had any idea where i can get replacement cooling fan for this? Can be third party i dun mind. Went to iwarna. They dun sell replacement parts. Only chillers.
  12. Where is resun agent in spore? I tried finding google cant find. Give me online shops which has no stock.
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