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  1. It is still working, but not able to grow chaeto I think the chaeto got stuck under the live rock in my refugium then somehow died. or maybe the light is just not good? Wanted to get more chaeto to test out after moving my LR to DT. but these few months just too busy
  2. Brown algae on my sand that looks like this. Have tried algae removal (chemical and sand dollar) but it failed. Not sure how to get rid of it. It dies down when I turn off the lights, but my skimmer is always on
  3. noted, thanks! emailed him already, waiting for his reply
  4. Hi, I have some issues with my pipings, which restricts my water flow back into the dt. Any good companies can redo/resolve this issue? If possible, pls indicate the approx cost too
  5. Selling some equipments from my previous 3 feet tank. Maxspect glaive marine - $50 (barely used) Aquazonic light system, can put 4 tubes- $20 Fluval C4 HOB filter - $30 will upload pictures when i have more time
  6. Oops it's actually a powder black not brown
  7. Happy Chinese New Year!! Added a couple of fishes since the last update. Was in Thailand for about a month tho, so the tank got a bit dirty added a regal blue and a powder brown as my first tangs all doing great too
  8. Was very empty just now. Had many corals from the Walt smith shipment but theres ventralis anthias
  9. Hahaha couldn't have done it without your setup bro
  10. Bought these 2 to try out. Not sure how long the filter will last. The salifert additive seems to have all the necessary elements for nsw, so trying out an easier method will have to add the specific elements to reach the specific levels needed of course
  11. I bought it at a fish shop in front of Pacific reef. The live rock section is actually my refugium hahaha. Not really sure what to do with it. Will consider selling/giving the rocks, then make it a full chaeto refugium
  12. The retail price is $58. There are 3 modes so it's quite cool hahaha. One white, one blue and one mixed. Only 24W if I'm not wrong. Chaeto not very sure leh can't tell
  13. Temperature is now about constant at 27.3C, may add more marine pure spheres. Skimmer doing a great job too
  14. Happy new year! Added some fishes, done with lighting, added a maxspect xf150 for better flow. Lights are 12" above water surface, running at about 60% power overall
  15. Saw a few at Iwarna yesterday. M-L size, you can call to check if they still have it. Not sure about the price
  16. 32 Jalan selaseh, s808448. You can also find the address in the lfs directory listings page.
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