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  1. Chiller sell....... Fish Tank $50 anyone?
  2. Fish Yank Price Reduce to $100 anytime collect
  3. Hi Reefer I Have Hang On Box Fish Tank Come Wit Sump For Sell Used 8 Month Ago 1. Fish Tank With Hang On Box & Mini Sump Main Tank : 45cm x 45cm x 45cm Sump Tank : 45cm x 25cm x 30cm Selling One Set $150 Still In Good Condition 2. Hailea Chiller HS-28A Used About 12 month Ago Selling $150 Still In Good Condition Also Collection Serangoon Ave 4 Pls Have Own Transpot~ If intrested Pls PM~
  4. Have pair Ice Black Snowflake Pair Clown Fish Let go~ Collect AMK INTRESTED PLS PM IMG_6456.mp4 IMG_6456.mp4 IMG_6456.mp4
  5. Hi All Reefer.... My Friend Have One Pair Midnight ClownFish For Sell Is With Him About 1.5 yrs ago..... Very Healthy And Pretty Because Keeping Other ClownFish pair also now let go This SELLING PAIR $380 If Intrested PLS PM~ Thanks
  6. HURRY UP...... Dear reefer Here have non stop Pulsing Xenia for SELL LAST 2 FRAG NO MORE Selling $40 each Collection AMK PLS PM
  7. I have Big Duncan for sell Over 15 head quite big Selling $100 Please PM.
  8. I have one new Nvr use before Still keep inside my store room Pm me
  9. Hi Anyone go to AM today? Im there just now Haha
  10. Hi Reefer I have Non stop Pulsing Xenia for sell..... Price for $40 only....... Collect AMK thanks. PM to deal
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