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  1. Metroplex have been taken by bro. Price reduce to $60. Hope to clear fast
  2. Used about 10%. Left 90%. My filter roller keeps my nutrients near 0. So no need to anymore. Brand new $61. Selling $40. Collection at bukit batok.
  3. 2ft tank and cupboard and all the following accessories. $90. All u need to qt fishes. All items have been coppered. Note tank is not in best condition but no leaks. Includes. Gravity ato, air pump, drip container for medication, fan, Wavemaker, bio media, hiding places for fish, egg crate cover. Eiho prazi gold, eiho copper, seachem focus, kanaplex, metroplex. Api copper test kit. Collection at bukit batok. If need delivery is extra $20
  4. Used for my qt tank with copper. Comes with free 2000L pump. Will flush it before selling. Asking $100 collection at bukit batok
  5. I prefer to add copper in my QT. But do it slowly especially for those sensitive fishes. Chelated copper is recommended for wrasses as it is not as harsh as ionic copper. When using copper do not run UV. Overall very nice set up!
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