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  1. I have a few smaller pieces of radioactive birdnest. Willing to trade for a can of coke per frag. Collection at bukit batok
  2. I now waiting for this CB to end.. hiaz have to find a tang to eat my algae
  3. U can always pass the gem tang to me. Help u take care away from the bullies
  4. Very sorry to hear about the loss of your sps bro Hope ur tank can recover soon back to the former glory!
  5. Wow looking good. What brand of light is this?
  6. I use 4 cannisters from madpetz. 2 carbon 2 di resin. I get 0 TDS water
  7. Not true. People probably referring to water too clean for lps is when they run a ultra low nutrient system than the lps starts to starve. I have been using di only for my tank as rodi produces lots of waste water. I feel very wasteful.
  8. Thank you for sharing your experience! I'm also setting up a new tank soon and I learnt a lot from your thread.
  9. Dont think there is a calcium reactor for that small a tank. If ur consumption is really high can just get those b-ionic 2 part and use a dosing pump
  10. Nice looking tank! Looking forward to more pics
  11. Cool! Got any pics of ur octo and ur setup
  12. Can do water change to reduce it. Also are u using rodi water?
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