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  1. Used for my qt tank with copper. Comes with free 2000L pump. Will flush it before selling. Asking $100 collection at bukit batok
  2. I prefer to add copper in my QT. But do it slowly especially for those sensitive fishes. Chelated copper is recommended for wrasses as it is not as harsh as ionic copper. When using copper do not run UV. Overall very nice set up!
  3. Do u have any bio media to house bacteria? Normally for qt I will have a bag of ceramic rings. If I got time will start the qt tank few days before. Den I add some small rocks or bio media from my main tank to establish the bacteria. So far this method has worked well for me.
  4. Selling 3ft illumagic vitamini super actinic. Used for 3months. Had decom my sps so no longer need so strong lights. Bought for $225. Selling $150. Foc 2 hydra clips. Collection at bukit batok
  5. Tenius B blue with pink tips reserved. Cherry blossom back up for sales
  6. Selling this clam about 3inches at $40. Collection at bukit batok
  7. Letting go all for $130. Collection at bukit batok. Colour elements big bottles left about more than 50% Colour elements small bottles. Brand new. Min S left about 90% Dino x left about 20% Vitality left about 50% Coral balance left about 50%
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