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  1. Pm me if you have a 3ft 2 tubes t5. Aquazonic etc
  2. 2x white AI hydra 32hd with hanging rail bought oct 2019 $600 Reef octopus CR-100, kamoer fx-stp, ista solenoid, 2L and 3L co2 tank, 1 full bucket of skimz cr media take all $300 Wavereef fleece roller $50. No more rolls. Can get from DE
  3. Different type of mushrooms going for $70 Collection at bukit batok
  4. Last coral to let go. Its about 7cm across when closed. Really lumi Green adds a splash of colour to your tank. Have spawned babies before on another piece of rock. Letting go $160. Collection at bukit batok. Pic of mother colony Pic of spawned babies (not for sale)
  5. another shot of the toadstool. It even spawned babies. Babies are reserved.
  6. Left the lumi jap toadstool colony, its about 7cm across. price reduced to $170
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