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  1. Pm you. Pls reply. Thanks. Sent from my SM-N915G using Tapatalk
  2. Wah, fabulous tank! Your lucky 7 right in the middle of your fts, shd go buy 4d this weekend!
  3. Thanks for your interests. All pm replied so far. Will keep u updated.
  4. Thanks you all for your interests and pm. I will attend to your pm one by one. Please give me a bit of time. Don't worries if you have doubts. I can understand. If in doubt, better not buy. If want to buy, better don't have doubts.
  5. Ssc frags for sale as shown in pictures below. $58 each. First come first choose. No reservation please. Collection near Kallang MRT station. Pm me to arrange.
  6. 250ml bottle, used about 1/4 bottle. Expiry date is Sept 2015. Selling at $20. Location - Upper Boon Keng Road (near Kallang MRT)
  7. Yeah, you better go and F that fellow left, right, centre. Then again, if there is really a PI offering better deal, please do share here. [emoji14]
  8. Haha... I just bought my ATI from AM, so I will be damn shock if someone were to tell me AM is a parallel importer. lol
  9. Do you mean Reef Depot is a parallel importer? Why is there a sudden mention of parallel imports? Any relevance? Just to add, I dun mean to be rude, but just dun understand the relevance, hence asking.
  10. Harvesting chaetos this Wednesday. Collection at Kallang. Pm me if interested. Fcfs.
  11. It is dead. most of the carcass eaten by nassarius snails.
  12. The last time I kept a blue linckia, I actually managed to keep it for about 1.5 years until my tank almost crash due to poor maintenance. Maybe that time lucky got a more healthy piece.
  13. Temperature is maintained within 26 to 27 degrees.
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