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  1. Ah I’m sorry to mistake it haha, your setup still will be hard to get flow. Do some google search on other people’s nano tanks and adjust ur scape… more small rocks stacked will be better as water can flow thru your scape
  2. You sand looks like those people use for planted tank bro…
  3. If that’s planted tank gravel/sand , better not use it as they are going to leech a lot of unwanted stuff into your tank…
  4. Ok thanks I’ll check it out
  5. Hello guys, does anyone have any good recommendations for a shop to buy glass sheets as i'm planning on building my own sump. Thanks!
  6. Maybe you can share what you planning to keep, if you gna keep some sofites like xenia n some zoas, plan space for islands so they dont overtake your entire scape, made this mistake once and its very hard to remove them without tearing down the whole setup.
  7. Here's a pic with the white stuff on the coral... Thanks for helping
  8. Hi guys, anyone know what these are? It's came from a wall hammer coral Thankss
  9. Not tanah merah. oh you its illegal to do so? Thanks for the info!
  10. Hi guys, my first post here! So i would like to know, how should i go about cleaning corals i picked from a reef in singapore (only picking a few to not damage the reef). And the corals seem to be stuck on rocks that are not natural looking, how do i go about removing the corals from the rocks? Thanks for the help!
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