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  1. Hi Bros and Sis, I have DI resins for sale @ S$ 12.00 per litre. This resin can be use as a refill for your DI unit. Collection can be arranged at Jurong East MRT station. Please PM me if you are interested. :whistle :thanks:
  2. Hi there, you do not need any live rocks for your QT tank. My tank is 2 ft filtered with a powerhead loaded with bio balls. Use PVC pipes for the fish to hide and do not add sand, just BB. Any Calcareous material in the tank will make the copper medication less effective because Calcareous material absorbs copper. I also use a protein skimmer to keep dissolved organics and No3 down. Make sure your tank is mature 1st B4 qt'ing any fish. That is all to it, nothing special, no secret and definitely not rocket science! Last but not least, add cupramine to 0.3 ppm and strictly follow the instructions on the bottle. Cupramine is pygmy angel safe, I used cupramine to qt my bicolor angel and he is in my tank for almost 2 yrs already. HTH
  3. The secret to keeping tangs is good quarantine. You will save yourself and your tang a lot of grief if you QT the fish for at least 3 weeks with seachem cupramine, something which I have had great sucess with. Sechem recommends .5ppm but I found .3 to .4 ppm to be equally effective. For now, just leave your tank fishless for about a month and QT all new arrivals subsequently. This will erradicate the ICH once and for all from your sytem and you will never have to deal with it again. I am telling you this beacuse I learnt the hard way, I wished I have QT'ed all my fishes when I first started this hobby 20 years ago.
  4. I had the same problem too with PBT, they succumb to ich after a few days. The secret is to QT them with copper, not just any copper, but seachem cupramine at .3 to .5 ppm measured with a red sea or sera cu test kit. There is a lot of speculation that there are bacteria in the stomach of tangs and the copper will kill the bacteria in the tangs and the tang itself. I find that seachem cupramine is gentle to most fishes even at .5ppm I have used this product at .3 ppm with success with most fishes, even dwarf angel. I have a PBT which I have QT'ed in copper for one month and he is in my 3 ft display tank now ich free and I beleive my tank's parameters is less than pristine. My N03 is aro 100ppm. HTH
  5. I just introduced a 2.5 inch bocolor angel into the tank and my fire goby has been hiding for 3 days already. The goby has been me for 2 yrs and has been feeding well until I added the bicolor. If it hides any longer, I am afraid it will go up the lorry soon How to get it out without removing the bicolor ? Thanks
  6. Thanks, So the food consumption of the scribble can be considered normal
  7. My 4 inch scribble eats up to 30 hikari marine A pellets a day. Is this normal for a 4 inch scribble angel ? The fish always ask for food when I go near the tank.
  8. Thanks for all the reply. He feeds very well and is still under QT. Being the only fish in the QT tank, there is no competition for food. He can eat up to 10 hikari "A" marine pallet at once but is still losing weight. I am puzzled as to why the fish is losing weight despite of the fact that he is feeding well. I suspect he is drug caught and is unable to digest food. The back of the fish looks "pinched" already. He also feeds on mysis soaked with vita chem and ocean nutrition pellets. No ich sighted so far. Any advice appreciated.
  9. Hi All, I bot a scribbled angel 3 weeks ago. He eats like a pig and I feed him Hikari Marine A, mysis shrimp, ocean nutrition pellets. He is loosing weight and I can see the back of the fish caved in. The fish is about 3". Am I feeding him not enough ? Please help, I don't want to loose this beautiful fish He is in QT BTW.
  10. I have one purple fire goby in my tank for about a year but the color faded leh. He eats pellets and flakes. How to restore the color?
  11. Hi all, Anyone noe where to get hanna PH and TDS meters at good pricing. Thanks
  12. tks for reply bro, yes tried petmart but they say no have
  13. This method works, I caught my clown while he was sleeping, lucky for me he was sleeping near the surface. Just used my net to scoop him out.
  14. Here's my QT setup. 2 ft tank bare bottom with no live rock and sand. I use a powerhead attached to a cointainer of bio balls. Incidentally, I have 2 dory in my OT tank for about 6 weeks already. I use seachem cupramine at .2ppm for the 1st 2 weeks and then reduce the concentration of copper to 0 by 25% water changes forthnightly. Once no copper is detectable, observe the fish for another 2 weeks before placing into display tank. This method has worked for me. Wild caught fish adapting to captive enviroment is subjected to a lot of stress, the stress causes white spots, ich etc etc. Copper is used to supress the parsites before it takes a hold and kill the fish eventually. HTH
  15. Any 2 to 3 inch yellow belly regal angel spotted ? Some very nice ones at pacific marine but too big for me.
  16. CR = med AT, black poma, bicolor, venatus angel, many yellow tangs, potter angel,flame angel, small regal angel, rock beauty angel, purple tang LCK110 = many purple tang, many med passer angel, wimple fish, flame angel, small blue tang, morish idol, some yellow tang, rock fish.
  17. There is screw shop near the junction of caven road and levender street, the sell plastic not and bolts there. Another place would be the $2.00 shop daiso at IMM, the have some clear plastic nut and bolts when I was there the last time. HTH
  18. Your tank is still cycling. How long have you cycled your tank already ? NO2 is the 2nd phase of the ANN cycle. Once your N02 peaks, it will be converted to NO3 by another group of bacteria. Normally, depending on conditions, it takes a minimum of one month to cycle a tank. If you have the patience, it's better to wait longer before stocking fishes. A tank in it's infancy may test 0 for ammonia, but the nitrifying capacity may not be ready for livestocks which will cause ammonia spikes and kill your livestocks. Be patient and you will be rewarded with a beautiful marine tank with minimal losses. Good luck and remember, patience is a very important in this facinating hobby.
  19. Saw some today, any bro/sis kept this fish sucesfully. Searched the web and all websites say it is a difficult fish to keep thanks
  20. Yo everyone, Know where to but the above ?
  21. Yo Bros and Sis, My Sera test kit registered 10ppm N03 when testing water straight from the tap. I live in the Bukit Merah, Telok Blangah area. Any reefers staying in the same area facing the same problem or is just that my Sera test kit is screwed up.
  22. yo bro and sis, me wan to get pump for creating current in tank. I know that even the most expensive rio pump cost less than the tunze 6060. is it justifiable to get the tunze or shall I stick to the rio's.
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