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  1. looks like ToTo number .... upzz for your sales
  2. Good for you . Finally you decided to fish the panther out. Long Live the rest of the fishes
  3. hi bro, interested in your test kits. if collect on next monday or tuesday, daytime can?
  4. adopted a panther before. Then start realising that my common clown, damsel, chromis start t mia. Big appetite. better do a "roll-call" once i a while . when you star to have missing fishes, then that's the time to pan fry the panther
  5. wah. good stuff nobody want??? i start $5. dont over bid me
  6. Hi Interested in your hammer. $15? which block in woodlands dr.14? i stay dr.75
  7. i think it belongs to the damsel family. as fas as i know, its reef safe. fello reefers please correct me if i'm wrong
  8. bro, which part of woodland? block no.?
  9. Hi tomowilson, i am fine. Still in the process of building up my 3ft barebottom. thanks for refreshing my memories on the price of the profantec fan. generally i feel A...star price is higher. the shop that i bought from is across the field of A..star. that tropical fish shop may not be there anymore.
  10. i got it in Yishun at the aquarium shop across the field from Aquastar. i guess many shop would have that. $10+ dollars each if remember correctly
  11. i guess that your is a 3ft? my experience on 6-in-1 on my 3ftx2ftx2ft is that it only brings down about 1 degree. i change to 2x profantec running on 24/7, this maintain my tank at 29 degree but the down side is EVAPORATION of about 1 litres per day.
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