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  1. What food u tried so far? Any aggression in the tank? Can try mysis, frozen copepods, clam with half shell, nori. If all not working than try live brine shrimp to kick start the eating. The above should be able to entice the fish unless is sick already.
  2. If u want to use it for nutrient export, u will need about 10% of ur tank size in order to be effective. My advise is u can wait a while more as ur bioload is still very low now. U can manage it by doing water change. Give it another try maybe 3 months later. I don't advise dosing any nutrient to help chaeto grow cause u may also cause algae outbreak if didn't manage properly.
  3. Most of the time adding same type of fish into the tank that with a existing already territorial is quite hard regardless big or small fish. What u can do is put the fish into the isolation box and see whether any aggression happen but this don't 100% guarantee as some fish only get aggressive after the new fish went in. The rate of catching aggressive is about 70 to 80% based on my experience. If happen that u see aggression after release, u can use a mirror or feed a bit more to allow the new fish to acclimate to the new environment. After all if aggression is not reside after few days,
  4. I will suggest u to wait a while, chaeto very easy to grow when in the right environment. Btw, what u want to achieve with chaeto?
  5. Chaeto u can dip in fresh water no issue, others never try before. If your tank is new, nutrient not build up most of the time will die. Strong lighting and lack of Iron can be the factor also but rarely is the main cause.
  6. If you do it correctly, unlikely will happen in your main tank. If can, get a UV sterilizer this give u a peace of mind also.
  7. U should since u already started half way, finish it and u got peace of mind. U can do it in 7 days instead of 5 days. Just feed more these few days to pump him up a bit can le.
  8. Did you dose bacteria? If yes, should be blooming but will go away by itself. Still cycling the tank?
  9. Sound strange, they will act dead when they are stress or u trying to catch them. If lying for very long mostly is sick already I guess.
  10. u can do water change on 3rd days, Prazi is only effective for 72 hrs. After water change wait 5 days then 1 more round of treatment can liao.
  11. If u dosing in your main tank need to take note a few things. 1) Prazi will kill worms in your tank and may cause ammonia spike E.g. tube worm, feathers dusters 2) Prazi may cause mild appetite suppression but should be ok after a day 3) I assume u have turn off ur skimmer when u dose, so make sure ur oxygen level don't fall too low. U can also on ur skimmer but remove the cup and let if flow.
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