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  1. Indeed. Doing everything to help the fishes fight on their own
  2. Today is Day 5. spots on the maroon clown are all gone. Other fishes remain spotless. All active and eating No more spots. Fingers crossed
  3. Currently with the exception of the maroon clown, all the other fishes are free of white spots. Today is Day 3 into the treatment. Corals, clams, snails and shrimps are all doing fine. As per attached pic, the blue circled area of the clown is now spotless. Will continue till the rest of the spots clear up.
  4. I would put in a caveat. According to opinions and posts in other overseas forums, this method helps to relieve the fishes of the ich. However, the ich parasite would still be living in the maintank and would not be eradicated. So it is more of a form of ich management. Which should be reinforced with good water management and keeping the fishes healthy so that they can naturally fight off the ich
  5. Yup. Should be ich. As for parameters, no swing in them. I am using quite a low dosage. not keen on doing bath as once i tried FW dip and it quite of stressed up the fish quite a fair bit. Going forward, I think I am gonna use isolation boxes when introducing new fishes to the maintank to reduce stress for the inhabitants
  6. Sharing my experience so far of using hydrogen peroxide to fight white spots on my fishes. Recently introduced 2 new fishes (Powder Brown Tang + Blue Tang) into my main tank. I guessed the introduction stressed up all the fishes as they needed to establish a new pecking order. 1 week later, the PBT developed tiny white spots on its body. Thinking it was the due to stress faced by most fishes in a new environment, I decided to monitor for the time being. A few days later, my existing brown tang, singapore angel and a maroon clown also started developing white spots. At this point, these 3 folks were still eating well. Fast forward another 2 days, these 3 folks started to hide in the rocks and were not eating. I was getting worried. Soon after, the PB Tang which was the first to had white spots dropped dead. While searching on the internet, I came across several postings on various reef keeping forum about using hydrogen peroxide to fight white spots. Following their dosage recommendations, I added 1 ml/gallon of H2O2 to the tank. I used the 3% concentration H2O2 bought from Watsons. The regime requires me to dose once every 8 hours for at 2 weeks. This dosage is supposedly safe to corals, clams and other inverts. Day 1: Added first dose at 1 pm. All existing fishes were hiding in the rocks and not eating. My brown tang looked bad. Whole body covered in white spots. Even the fins had white blotches. Singapore Angel was lying on its side inside a cave. Basically, all of them looked like they're going to die soon. 1.5 hours after adding first dose, the fishes started coming out and were swimming actively. The angel and tang were eating from the nori clipped to the wall. Second does at 9 pm. All fishes still swimming and eating. Looks pretty active. Around 11 pm, just before I switch off the lights, I notice the spots on the brown tang had mostly cleared up. Third does at 7 am. Couldnt wake up on time at 5 am! Hahaha. Added in the 3rd does. Checked on the fishes. The white spots on the brown tang are completely gone. Spots on the maroon clown and Singapore angel have also lessen considerably. Threw in some pellets and they started fighting for it. Looks good. Existing soft corals all okay. Snails and clams also doing fine. Will continue the regime for 2 weeks and update accordingly Note: This H2O2 dosing method is pretty controversial as there are conflicting write-ups about it. So if anyone wanna attempt it, do so at your own risk
  7. Yeah. The lady there was constantly trying to sell fishes/corals to me without checking on my proficiency in reefing (i am new to this) she was trying to sell me a juvenile Clown Tang! Interestingly, I was watching a youtube clip with my son the night before on Tangs and the clown tang is one of the most aggressive Tangs out there! Certainly not recommended for a novice like myself.
  8. Cool. Thanks. I counted and there are 12 petals/tentacles.
  9. Was at Jireh juz now. They have a couple of varieties of designee clowns eg: mozart, platinum, white storm etc
  10. Wifey came back with this which I have no idea what it is as I am still new to reefing. Any one can help ID?
  11. Noob here. Are these 3 shops related to each other?
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