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  1. I see Iwarna gets shipments from Bali Aquarich and some other breeders too. Does anyone own a captive bred angelfish from them? If so how has it done for you, and are they easier to keep than the wild ones? I see they have offered a Goldflake x Griffis hybrid before. Especially curious about whether that hybrid is naturally occurring and what an adult specimen looks like. Very disappointed to find out their Goldflakes are actually Goldflake x Flagfin hybrids which I don’t think are naturally occurring. Thanks. Furthermore, are hybrids mostly sterile and incapable of reproduction?
  2. I’ll have a think about it. Not sure they can be shipped internationally. Are they just regular Ocellaris?
  3. Not the wacky designer Clowns, my eyes hurt when I see them, but just normal captive bred Clownfish of different species. Also would like to know if any places carry captive bred angels from places like Bali Aquarich, Poma Labs (US based), Biota (US and Palau based) and ORA (US based). Thanks. The twist is, will any of them be willing and able to ship to Guangzhou, China?
  4. Hi all, I’d like to know if any of you have kept the Monocle Breams, Squirrelfish and also the Harlequin / Tobacco Basslets. If so, how have they done for you / how long have you had them? Are they hardy and do they eat everything? Do they eat smaller fish? The species I might keep one day are: Squirrelfish- Crown Squirrelfish (S. Diadema) Breams- Whip Tail Monocle Bream (P. Emeryii) Two-Lined Monocle Bream (S. Billineata) Basses- Harlequin Bass (S. Tigrinus) Tobacco Bass (S. Tabaricus) Do all of these get very big? Are they super active too?
  5. They’re okay but IMO I’m more into conventionally attractive or unique fish.
  6. It seems as though he no longer posts here but I’d love to get in touch with him and ask him a couple questions about Butterflyfish. If anyone has his contact info would appreciate it. Thanks.
  7. Is it C. Flavissumus or C. Heraldi? Are these two often collected using questionable methods?
  8. Thinking of: 1. Rusty 2. Coral Beauty 3. Flameback 4. Eibli 5. Half Black
  9. Hi all would like to know what are the hardiest dwarf angels, ones that are consistently hardy and not too prone to disease and can be kept by a newbie. Thanks. Also looking into a pair of Genicanthus Melanospilos AKA Japanese Swallowtails or Spotbreast, maybe Watanabei too.
  10. There’s more than one variation of this color pattern, they’re Chromis and not the same species. There’s a Chocolate Dip Chromis, Half and Half Chromis, and others. Forgot the scientific names. And there’s also a Hawaiian variety with this kind of color pattern.
  11. Lol what about his width and height? And does he live in a small apartment? Lol.
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