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  1. hows the Blue tang doing? tangs are more prone to ich attacks, if the PBT has ich and died likely the blue tang would have gotten it in the same tank. the only possible way is to fish the fishes out into another tank for copper treatment or Tank transfer method. have tried polylab medic before, its BS to treat within the infested tank
  2. I tried blackout before on a 422. use a cardboard to cover the top would do, not feeding the livestocks totally for 72 hours is fine.
  3. Most requires temp range from 23 to below 29 if i'm not wrong, heard from most reefers about this. The need to having a chiller for a reef tank is almost a must, unless the temp can be stable throughout.
  4. Aww i didnt research much on that part infact i have only that 1 Domino Damsel in the tank but sadly he is the first occupier from the start so that kindof explains why he chases the others. have 2 clownfish in as of now they seems to be able to hide from the Domino till now. Thinking of adding in yellow tank in soon, would it be better if i take away the Domino Damsel?
  5. Hi all pros, just started on my marine tank not long ago. However noticed that my Domino is getting aggressive chasing the 2 yellowtail mostly and 1 ended up dead yesterday not sure if it was killed by him tho. Domino seems to be chasing my Butterflyfish also. They should get along well right?
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