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  1. Day 485 (15/5/21) Expenses: Equipment ($580); Fish & Invert ($318); Corals ($1584); Maintenance ($308) -> Power Used/mth ~ 32W Water Test (Ave) PH (8.3); NH3 (0); NO2 (0); NO3 (15); PO4 (0.1-0.3); Temp (26.0); Salinity (1.021) My current tank status; increase in nutrient with some LPS lose but still quite stabilise on a whole. Nothing much to add unless I upgrade some of the existing equipment. But I think I will just keep it this way.
  2. Day 409 (28/2/21) Due to incompatiblity of the different clown, no choice but have to move the Tomato clown to the QT.
  3. Day 381 (31/1/21) Added a new Percula & Tomato Clowns Added a 2.5L Quarantine Tank
  4. Day 350 (31/12/20) Added a new Button Scoly
  5. Day 319 (30/11/20) Water Test (Ave) PH (8.3); NH3 (0); NO2 (0); NO3 (10); PO4 (<0.1); Temp (26.0); Salinity (1.021) My tank status as of 31/11/20 with the addition of new LPS.
  6. Day 299 (31/10/20) Water Test (Ave) PH (8.2); NH3 (0); NO2 (0); NO3 (5); PO4 (<0.1); Temp (26.0); Salinity (1.022) My tank status as of 31/10/20 with the addition of some LPS.
  7. Sorry the above date ' Day 265 (27/9/20) should be Day 234 (27/8/20) instead Day 268 (30/9/20) As the weather get hotter my tank temperature easily exceed 30C even during the night. Finally decided to get a Mini Chiller for my Pico tank and believed it will help to sustain some of the more difficult coral which I hope to keep. Got a $75 from China and it worked quite well. I set it at 26C.
  8. Since the emerald crab is not working on my ever increasing Hair Algae I tried this time using SeaHare. After 2 weeks it cleared almost all my hair algae. Need to regularly replenish the Seahare because it kept dying probably due to insufficient food or environment. some seahares work well some not so But overall I found Seahare the best for my Hair algae.
  9. The Pink Scoly deteriorated on the 2nd day without even expand. It looked bad after only 5 days and on the verge of dieing.
  10. Day 265 (27/9/20) Water Test (Ave) PH (8.3); NH3 (0); NO2 (0); NO3 (10); PO4 (<0.1); Temp (28.8); Salinity (1.023) Saw a small nice pink scoly ($150) while buying the emerald crab. So tempting and without further consideration bought it. (my most expensive coral to date)
  11. Day 265 (27/9/20) Dr Tim Waste Away Gel did not work for me and almost cause my tank to crash as the PH decrease drastically to less than 7.7 at one time. (probably due to overdose ?) So at recommendation of a reefer I got myself a $30 Emerald Crab. As my tank is small the crab created more problem by nipping on my zoas and corals. No choice but to let go.
  12. An implusive buy, too big for my small tank. Still in bag. Collect by tonight @ Blk 615 Elias Road. Whatsapp @ 96192273
  13. Purchased last week, used for less than 5 min as it is too big & powerful for my Pico tank. Letting go at $38. Collect at Pasir Ris.
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