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  1. Did a cleanup and managed to get off this split RBTA (around 3cm before expand) which has with me for about 6 weeks. No place for it and giving away. Pickup by today @ Pasir Ris. Whatsapp me @ 96192273
  2. Open to Swap with any nice zoas/ mini duncan / mini favia / etc
  3. Quick sales, collect by today @ $20.
  4. Complimentary delivery to Pasir Ris/ Tampines area.
  5. Description: Emerald Crab; Size: 4-5cm; Kept since: 3 weeks ago Purchased from: Season Aquarium; Price Purchased: $35 Reason for selling: Not clearing my overgrown Hair Algae, too big for my Pico tank creating problem for my corals. Collection location: Pasir Ris, near to Elias Mall Contact : WhatsApp Lee @ HP 96192273 SELLING PRICE: $38
  6. I'm using Salifert PO4 Test Kit and most time I have difficulty reading 0.1 - 0.03. I'm trying out Dr Tim Waste Away Gel currently and will see how it go first. (1st day of use it caused my PH to drop from 8.2 to 7.7 and almost killing my fish)
  7. Most of the time I uses those Diaso Magic foam to clean the tank 'Glass' surface. Just don't scrub too hard. The Acrylic is quite impervious to scratch if done carefully.
  8. Day 217 (10/8/20) Currently still battling algae growth especially Hair Algae: been manually removing as much has possible during water change, reduce feeds, increase better filter media and reduce lighting duration. Recommend to try Dr Tim Waste Away Gel and so I did and today used 1 Pack of the 30 days Gel to try. Will update status. Photos attached.
  9. Day 216 (9/8/20) Expenses: Equipment ($500); Fish & Invert ($120); Corals ($833); Maintenance ($165) -> Power Used ~ 32W Water Test (Ave) PH (8.2); NH3 (0); NO2 (0); NO3 (5); PO4 (<0.1); Temp (28.5); Salinity (1.023) My tank status as of 9/8/20 with the addition of Neon Green Candy Cane 2 Heads. Still looking for solution to reduce hair algae, green and brown algae.
  10. Day 209 (2/8/20) Water Test : PH (8.2); NH3 (0); NO2 (0); NO3 (<2); PO4 (<0.1); Temp (29.0); Salinity (1.022) Did Water Test today just before my weekly water change (around 30%) and was quite surprised the result was better than a few days ago. Maybe due to the addition of Dymax Bio Max Filter (in addition of Activated Charcoal). May also try the new Chemi-pure Nano ($5) media to further enhance the water quality. Typically my maintenance schedule include clearing algae (from glass & sand bed) every other days (about 15 mins) & weekly water change + cleanup (about 2hrs)
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