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  1. Thanks guys. Hard to figure out why. But yes, it started I think, when I put this little fella in the tank. He has done a fantastic job in taking down the algae. But maybe he is eating this sps....other corals are fine though.
  2. Stable. 0.1025 and 27 degres. U think adding 4ml of Alk per day can be the cause? Can it burnt?
  3. Hi guys..Bringing this up! Really need help. You can see some white spot here and there...too much light? My kessil 700ap are at 50% max power for few hours during day time. Approx 10h of light.
  4. Hi Guys! Water parameters are good. Stable (alk, no3, mg, ca). I feed reef roids. But somehow it seems it is bleeching. LPS and softies are doing too good. Any idea?
  5. Ok. So it worked! I will post tomorrow some photos on the leak area and how I managed to save it. Next step now will be to make my own cabinet and to adjust my sump. The current sump is very small and has a RODI water top-up tank attached. I will remove the glass that separate the sump from this top up tank, so I have a bigger sump. The cabinet will have to host my sump, a small 8L tank to auto top up, and my chiller. I will also redo the pipes, using check valves and hard pipes to make it neat. Will post some pics. Hopefully, I can recycle my tank by next
  6. So weird lol. Well. I have removed the water completely, dried it, used all the tools I have + acetone to remove all joints from what I believe to be the leaking spot. Resealed... Now drying. Will let you know in 48h!
  7. I think I will empty tomorrow, let it dry, and try to remove the "rail" compartment of the sump, and eventually, try to reseal again from there. Let it dry for 2 days and try again. It was meant to be my Xmas project but oh well. Difficult task.
  8. So basically, I did remove all extra silicone, I did wash with Acetone. I put some clean masking tape, then, sealed back edges, everywhere, with black silicone. Quite a good quality job. The leak is really at the joint, at the base. But, I have no idea out to reseal this. The overflow is sealed on mutliple surfaces. Anyway, here a video...it's raining. The sound does not come from the leak. 1648768611_WhatsAppVideo2020-12-14at18_48_00.mp4
  9. Hi Bro. I wish it was. But the pipe is not even connected to "water". The tank is not full enough to enter the overflow or retuirn pipe. I wish I could take a clearer picture, but there is no room there. We can clearly see the leak coming from the joint between the overflow box & the tank itself. Alama, I m so screwed with this tank. Since day 1, I have had leak. From new to now.
  10. Hello guys, I need help. I have a leak on my tank. This leak has been there for a solid 3 years...since the leak was around the overflow area, I decided to "link the leak" (1 drop a second) to the overflow pipe, so, it would somehow not fall onto the floor but back in the sump. It created some nuisances, like accumulation of salt around the pipe, some stains on the cabinet, but well not so bad, it was working without flooding my place. Long story short, with Xmas coming and being stuck in SG, I wanted to use my leaves to restart afresh. So, I took all rocks & fish/coral out. Did
  11. I am using Life water from NTUC or RODI that I buy from iwarna farm. Oki, will try to check ICP. I actually was wondering. I have a metal ring that helps with a pipe, and it is verey rusty. The rust falls probably into the sump, but at a very slow level...could it be a risk?
  12. Thanks guys for the replies. It is kinda a old tank. Like 5 years. But I moved house 18 months ago. So I had to empty it and kept water + life rocks&live stock in big bucket. Upon resetting in the new house, the tank crashed but most of the live stock survived surprisingly. The biggest issues actually came when I replaced some of the bio filter (tiny balls in my sump) with a new type of balls with more holes...since then, like just after Circuit Breaker, the tank has experience algae bloom, and some weird death of fishes that were there for a while. I usually change 20L of water every
  13. Hi Guys, Following up on this topic. My tank is doing good with fishes and soft corals. Soft corals expand and grow. But, somehow, all critters (shrimps of any type, snails, crabs, sea cucumber) die in the span of a week to 5. I have tried to feed extra, but they seem to be not interested at all in the leftover. I use biozym staple diet for marine fish. And also, all SPS or LPS seems to bot be able to make it. So, I don't understand...my dream is to get SPS/LPS. How? Parameters taken yesterday : Alk 6.7 Mg 795 No3 10 to 25 Ca 400
  14. Usually I use a sringe with boiling water inside and target it to the base of the thing. It melts and gets destroyed. Always worked.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion on bigger tank To the first reply, what is vibrant?
  16. Hello every one, Been in this hobby for 4 years now. I like it, even if I have my ONs and OFFs. My setting is very simple, and I will share pictures later. It has some live rocks, a couple of clown fishes that tend to spam eggs regularly, 2 cleaning shrimps, 2 chromis, 1 blue tang, 2 anemone crabs, 3 tub worms, 1 clam. I just lost 2 pompom grabs, they died, I don't know why. I have a variety of soft corals : Sarcophyton lobatum (brown, with green tips) --> they grow or stable Briareum (mostly greens) --> they grow and expand Nephthea (green also I would say) --
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