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  1. Giving away free reefroids with the scoly
  2. Upz. Also was having issues uploading the image. So here it is
  3. upz, willing to trade for Zoas, yuma, birdsnest sps, or any other sps, lps
  4. Hi I have the Brightwel one if your interested, do pm me
  5. Was BALI SLIMMER FRAGS $10 each fast sale
  6. My maroon clownfish used to do it. And also bite the rbta tips off. After that just gave up on rbta. someone did tell me before get a anemone bigger then the clownfish. This way the anemone isn’t affected by the clowns behaviour. Also sometimes the anemone takes some time to adjust to the clowns behaviour.
  7. interested to get as well.
  8. Selling Bali Slimmer frags -$15 each -$15 each
  9. UPZ Price reduced to $25
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