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  1. Amazing tank !!! an inspiration !
  2. Thanks to Reefmart sg for the speedy delivery of the T5 bulbs i ordered. The tank now looks so much more brighter and nicer with just the 4 t5 bulbs. Im running 2 gismen atlantic blue 1 ati coral plus and 1 purple plus. As of now i still only have 1 hydra 26HD on the 350 as the other hydra is still on my current tank as i have yet to move the corals. Remember how i had one filter pad right before the water flows through the filter cup. I just changed it out today and this is how it looks like today, before i changed it out. This is 3 days after.
  3. now for the sump. With my old tank i didnt have a sump. Everything was hang on back, made me feel i missed out on a lot of filtration opportunity. Such as having a refugium for nutrient control and a place for pods to grow. Also recently someone told me i can grow live mysis in there as well. looking forward to that actually. My Plan for the sump is simple and straight foward, i want most of the food and waste to be collected the moment it comes down the drain. So the plan for the future is to get those filter sock that i can tighten on the exits of both my drain and change them out every
  4. Have an extra AI HYDRA 25/52 flex arm selling as i no longer use it. selling it for $45
  5. For the lights on this tank, i went with hybrid T5 and leds. Got my Aquatic life hybrid fixture and decided to use them with my Hydra 26hd. As of now, only two blue bulbs and one hydra is running on the tank. As my other hydra is still on my old tank as i have not moved the corals yet. And as for the other t5 bulbs, the color i want was not in stock. Hence only 2 for now. As there was no way that i could mount my lights on the ceiling or the wall i mount them on the back of the tank using the aquatic life universal hanger fixture. What made it worse was when i wanted to drill the f
  6. Over the weekend, moved my live rocks and fishes from the old tank to the new tank. The way i moved them was i moved the rocks first, this way it would be easier to catch the fishes later on. 1 mistake i made was catching the fishes with a net. Noob mistake. My blue tang and maroon got stuck in the net, the blue tang after a slight shake came off, and as the maroon, the net was stuck at its mouth. INSTANT PANICK mode. But after a few shakes and helping her, she was free. Acclimatised the fishes for about 90 min and finally put them into the tank. As normal all the fishes went into hiding. The
  7. only left with , Aussie green finger leather $20
  8. Aussie toxic hammer branching 2 heads- $85 (SOLD to a nice reefer bro) Scoly-$120 Aussie green finger leather $20 Crocea clam -$100
  9. Nice, cant wait to see more updates
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