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  1. only left with , Aussie green finger leather $20
  2. Aussie toxic hammer branching 2 heads- $85 (SOLD to a nice reefer bro) Scoly-$120 Aussie green finger leather $20 Crocea clam -$100
  3. Nice, cant wait to see more updates
  4. Aussie toxic hammer branching 2 heads- $85 (RESERVED) Scoly-$120 Aussie green finger leather $20 Crocea clam -$100
  5. The chiller is finally up on the tank as well. Got a chiller from another reefer who had upgraded his chiller and had this as a spare. The chiller i got was a HS66a. The reefer was kind enough to let me use the chiller for a week to make sure its working properly before i pay him. The chiller was in great condition. I placed the chiller outside of my house right behind where the tank is. Theres a small window behind the tank, that leads to the chiller. The reason why i placed it outside is i heard alot of reefers say that its not good longterm for the chiller to be in the cabinet. And w
  6. I dosed enough ammonia to the tank that the ammonia reading should be 2ppm. later that night i tested my ammonia and was surprised i had no ammonia reading. i tested for a week straight and had no ammonia reading. For the first week i took it as my ammonia was at 0.25ppm since the color chart was hard to read and the water was slightly cloudy in the test. 3 weeks later i tested for nitrates and nitrates were present, at 50ppm. Tested ammonia and again no reading. i did a 100L water change. And dosed microbactor start xlm again. Now the plan is that im trying to get more established bio me
  7. once my rocks were in, i started the proper cycle by using the dry rock starter kit by brightwel. The box came with a ammonia source, microbactor start xlm and microbactor clean . Also i had added 1kg of maxspect bioshpere to my sump as well so bacteria can start growing on there as well. Reviews on the biosphere. Was quite impressed. i thought they would be much bigger in size but were about the size of a 50 cent coin.
  8. For some weird reason, part 1 of the tank post got archived heres the link for it if you wish to read it.
  9. As im shifting tanks, im selling a few of my corals and clam Aussie toxic hammer branching 2 heads- $85 Scoly-$120 Aussie green finger leather $20 Crocea clam -$100 buy all $300, and ill deliver it to your convenience
  10. Yes it is. As the mantle is not big enough for it to get energy from the light.
  11. Interested in buying the aquatic life T5 hybrid fixture. Looking for either the 3 feet or the 4FT fixture. Please PM if anyone is letting go
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