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  1. Sold..Admin please close thread..Thanks..
  2. Clearing all for $50 Left 1st to 5th bottles -All left with 90-95% Right 1st to 5th bottles -All left around 20-35%
  3. Looking for a pair of the above fishes. Pm me if u r selling. Thanks
  4. Refugium light sold.. The rest is up and available.. Price negotiable.
  5. Letting go Stable and healthy specimen of wonderland Gonio.$150.
  6. Price reduce.!!!!Left with 1 and 3 1) Lumi green $70(skeleton around 8-9cm big size)long poylps. 3)Green with long lashes, yellow centre $70(skeleton size Aslo around 7-8 cm big size)long polyps .
  7. 2)UPDATE-Green with blue,red gonio sold. THE REST STILL AVAILABLE
  8. Up for the weekends..Able to negotiate if the price is acceptable..
  9. Up for the day.Bundle deal can be wrk out for discount price
  10. Declutter my goinos collection.. All bigger than golf ball sizes. 1)Lumi green 90 2)Green with blue and pink centre(Morph)80 3)Green with yellow centre,long lashes-90
  11. 1)Used 60cm illumagic light-$600 with warranty.(Looks brand new thou,in Veri gd working conditions) 2)Fauna marine Ultra Phos left with 65-70%.Orca phospha-Guard Bio Cubes(Brand New)-$50 for both. 3)Used kaiser Refugium light(In good working conditions)-$30
  12. Clearing all the above. 1)Rowa Phos 500g (Around 80-85% left)@$30 2)Orca Phospha-Guard BioCubes(Brand New)@$30 3)Fauna Marine Ultra Phos 750g(Around 70-75% left)@$40 Get all @$80. Pm if keen.
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