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  1. Sorry my mistake. The 1st two photos of zoas colony is $40. The 3rd and 4th photos of zoas colony is at $30.
  2. Photos taken under white lightings and blue lightings individually with filter lenses on.Those zoas had been with me for a year+.Selling to make space.First 2 Pics ($30)size around 3cm-4cm. 3rd and 4th pics ($40)5cm-6cm.
  3. Not everyone is loaded.Got deep pocket.Big frag/colony cost more wheresle small frag cost a lot differences in pricing.Aslo not everyone got the luxury space/big tank that can com big pcs of corals.so small frag make an ideal selling point aslo.
  4. Still not veri sure.I still dun understand which to connect to which.
  5. Put some corals rocks or coral chips which i had break it apart and put it in the glass suction cup.Juz dump in the mushrooms.They will slowly attach themshelves to the broken coral rocks/chips.
  6. Hi..Temp controller.May be intrested.But will need to know how to used it??
  7. Super hardwrking fellow. Will munch away alage .I had it for nearly a year .The suction power is solid..
  8. Is the anemones still available?
  9. Is the RBTA with rock still available?
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