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  1. Bring in abalone and tangs.Aslo i running chemipure Elite..
  2. May u send photos of the 3 headed torches and gonios.
  3. Fast grower.will take over tank .Need to know where u intend to yr gsp.Unless u intend to do a GSP garden.
  4. Its not juz hammers ,torches ,frogspawn all do tis.They do pooping .Haha
  5. I had a QQ2 to let go if u r intrested.
  6. Hi. I m keen.Mau u kindly watsapps me at 93666425 .Thanks.
  7. Hi..u may watsapps me at 93666425.
  8. Looking for these 2 kinds of fishes.Preferberly looking at fellow reefers who wish to reduce bioload or livestocks.Not looking at LFS shop.
  9. Hi.intrested in zoas May u pm me at 93666425.
  10. Bro..Intrested.May u kindly watsapps me at 93666425.
  11. 2 heads to 5 heads depands on each kind. Around 5 pcs to let go. $150
  12. Hi,intrested in the ZOAS.may u kindly wataspps me at 93666425.
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